Can Diabetics Eat Steak

Can Diabetics Eat Steak

When you have diabetes, your blood sugar needs special attention. That’s why you have to keep track of carbs, fat, and protein. However, with the right balance and monitoring of your eating habits, steak can be just as healthy for a diabetic as it is for anyone else. The key is to pick the right cut and prepare it correctly so that its beneficial properties are unlocked without adding excess unhealthy fats or sugars. In this article, we take a look at if diabetics can eat steak and what types of steak are best for people with diabetes.

Can Diabetics Eat Steak?

The answer to the above question is yes. Actually, there are no restrictions on diabetic patients while they are consuming beef and other types of red meat. In fact, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends that diabetic patients should consume 2 to 3 ounces of lean red meat daily, which is equal to about a quarter pound.

What Is A Good Cut Of Steak For A Diabetic?

  • The best cut of meat for a diabetic patient is the tenderloin.
  • The leanest cut of meat is the strip steak, which has less than 7 grams of fat per pound.
  • Red meat such as beef and venison also contains high amounts of B vitamins, which are necessary for the person’s body to process carbohydrates and proteins efficiently.
  • Lean red meat such as strip steak contains less cholesterol than processed meats like hot dogs or bacon, which can be dangerous for people with diabetes.
  • Lean red meat has more iron than white meat such as chicken or turkey, which can help to strengthen a diabetic’s body tissues and make their skin healthier.
  • Red meat also contains zinc, which is an essential mineral for the body to produce insulin.
  • Lean red meat contains fewer carbohydrates than white meat, which can help to control diabetes symptoms like hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia.
  • Red meat is also a good source of protein, which helps to build muscle mass and burn fat.
  • Red meat is usually free of the harmful chemicals and antibiotics that are used in chicken and turkey farming.
  • Steak can also be cooked using a variety of different methods, which makes it a good choice for people with diabetes.

How To Pick The Right Type Of Steak For A Diabetic?

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to choose the type of steaks that are lean, yet tender and flavorful. This means that you should not choose those steaks that are too tough or chewy.
  2. If you have diabetes, then you should make sure that the meat is free from any preservatives and salt. Otherwise, it could cause a lot of complications for your health.
  3. Look for steaks with lean cuts of beef such as round steak, sirloin steak, flank steak, and skirt steak because these types of meats contain less fat than other types of cuts of beef. These types of cuts also have a higher percentage of protein which will help in maintaining normal blood sugar levels in the body by providing the energy required by the body during the day.
  4. It is important to consider your budget when buying this type of meat because it could be expensive if you get it from a local butcher shop or supermarket compared to buying it online.
  5. When you decide to buy your steaks online, then there are a lot of online stores that offer the same quality of meat at a cheaper price. This means that you could save money by buying steaks online.
  6. If you have diabetes and want to eat red meat, then there is no need to worry because it is perfectly safe for your health. However, it is important that you do not overdo it since this could lead to complications in the future.
  7. When you are buying steaks, then it is best to choose steaks that are cut from the center of the steak so that you can get more flavor and tenderness.
  8. When you are buying steaks online, then it is important that you read the information about the quality of meat because some online stores might not have all the details about the meat that they sell.
  9. If you want to purchase your steaks online, then there are a lot of internet stores that sell high-quality steaks at an affordable price. These types of stores will deliver your order within 24 hours in most cases and with free shipping on orders over $50 so that you could save money in shipping costs as well as waiting time for your order to arrive at your doorsteps.
  10. When you are buying steaks online, then it is important that you choose a website that has a good reputation in the market because there are many fraudulent websites out there that could sell low-quality meat at an expensive price.

Tips To Prepare And Eat Steak As A Diabetic

  • Choose the leanest cuts of meat possible.
  • Cook your steak on medium-high heat. This will prevent the meat from becoming too dry and tough.
  • Avoid overcooking your meat because it can dry out as well.
  • Use a nonstick pan or grill when cooking beef for diabetics to prevent the meat from becoming chewy and difficult to chew.
  • Make sure you eat your steak with a proper meal. For example, one can eat steak with baked potato or rice and vegetables.
  • Do not consume large quantities of red meat as it can increase the risk of developing diabetes and other diseases such as heart disease and stroke.
  • It is essential that you exercise regularly to prevent the onset of diabetes.
  • If you are already suffering from diabetes, monitor your blood sugar levels on a daily basis. Take the required dosage of insulin if there is a sudden rise in your blood sugar levels.
  • 9. If you are suffering from diabetes, talk to your doctor about the type of red meat that you can eat.
  • 10. Always check with your doctor before consuming any type of red meat as it can be harmful to people who have certain health issues.

The Problem With Most Beef Today

1. The Beef Industry is Not Sustainable

The beef industry has been criticized for its high-intensity production practices, which have led to significant environmental impacts. As a result, the beef industry has been known to contribute to the pollution of water and air.

2. There is an Overuse of Antibiotics in Beef Production

Antibiotics are used in cattle farming to prevent or treat infection and promote growth. However, the use of antibiotics can lead to antibiotic resistance (AR) in humans and other animals. AR has been linked to an increased risk of infections, such as typhoid fever, tuberculosis, and shigellosis. As a result, there has been an increasing concern about antibiotic overuse in agriculture.

3. There Is a Potential Food Safety Issue with Beef Production

In 2013, it was estimated that about 80% of all food-related illnesses are caused by bacteria found in raw meat. This means that if you eat raw meat from cows or pigs that have not been properly treated, you could potentially eat contaminated food. As a result, there has been an increase in the number of people using food producers for selling contaminated meat.


Steak is an all-American meal that has been celebrated for decades. Now you know that it can be enjoyed by people with diabetes too. You only have to be careful to pick the right cuts and eat them in the right way to unlock their full health benefits. With a little research and some careful selection, you can enjoy steak as a diabetic and feel good about your meal.

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