Can You Put Liquid Eyeliner On Your Waterline

Can You Put Liquid Eyeliner On Your Waterline

Liquid eyeliner has a unique place in the world of cosmetics. It’s one of the few beauty products that are almost universally acknowledged as being difficult to use. The application can be tricky and often involves multiple attempts, but it’s also a look that never fails to impress. If you have yet to experiment with this type of eyeliner, there are some things you need to know before diving in head-first. The most challenging part about using a liquid liner is getting it on your waterline, so here’s everything you need to know if you want to put liquid liner on your waterline!

Can You Put Liquid Eyeliner On Your Waterline?

Yes, you can put liquid eyeliner on your waterline, but depending on the type of eyeliner you’re using, it may be more difficult to put on than regular eye makeup. Liquid eyeliner is typically more intense than regular eye makeup, and if it’s not applied correctly, it can cause irritation or make your eyes look bloodshot. It’s generally not recommended to apply liquid eyeliner to your waterline if you have sensitive eyes or are not experienced in applying eyeliner

How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner On Your Waterline? 

Read the product instructions

Whenever you’re trying a new product, it’s important to read the instructions first. This is especially true with eyeliner. There are plenty of different types and formulations, and they all work in different ways. If you don’t follow the instructions, you could struggle to create the perfect look. The instructions will also tell you about any special techniques you need to employ to get the best results. When you’re applying liquid eyeliner to your waterline, you need to be particularly careful. You don’t want to irritate or damage your eyes, so take your time and follow the directions carefully.

Use a brush to apply

If you’re looking for a more controlled application, using a brush is a great idea. While most people would use a brush for the tops of their eyelids, you can use it on your waterline too. Again, you need to be careful that you don’t irritate your eyes. A small, soft-bristle brush is ideal for creating a thin line on your waterline. The brush will give you more control and allow you to create a much thinner line than with a liquid eyeliner wand. If you’ve never used a brush to apply eyeliner before, it’s worth practicing with a regular eyeshadow brush first.

Steady your hand with a finger

It’s not just your eye that needs to be steady when you’re applying liquid eyeliner on your waterline. You also need to keep your hand steady. If your hand is shaking, you’ll struggle to create a clean line. If you’re gripping the edge of your sink or pressing your hand against your face, you’re only going to make matters worse. You’ll also risk pulling or tugging at your eyelid, which could cause irritation. To help steady your hand, rest your fingers against your eye. A quick tip here is to use your thumb against your lid and your other fingers against your cheek. This way, your fingers will be holding your hand still but not pressing against your eye.

Steady your eyes with tape

If you’re struggling to find your hand-steadiness flow, you could try using tape to help steady your eyes. If you press the sticky tape to the inside of your upper eyelid, it will help keep everything still. This is particularly useful if you’re applying liquid eyeliner to your lower waterline. Pressing tape to your upper lid is not recommended because it will press down on your eyelashes. This can cause damage and lead to infection. Be careful that you don’t apply the tape too close to your eye. If you press it too tightly, you can cause irritation and even harm your eyes.

Why Is It So Difficult To Apply Liquid Liner To Your Waterline?

The Waterline is Tiny and Hard to See

The waterline is the part of your eye that is in direct contact with the tear duct. It has a width of just 0.1-0.3 cm, which is the same width as a single eyelash. Therefore, this is a very tiny part of the eye where you can apply liner. The good news is that you don’t need a magnifying glass to see it. The bad news is that you’ll need a really steady hand to apply the liner there. So, before you even begin to imagine doing a cat-eye, you’ll need to be able to see the waterline. You may have seen makeup tutorials where the artists apply liquid liner to the waterline, but you probably didn’t know why it was so important. Well, it’s there because it provides a beautiful, dazzling look to your eyes. It’s a very delicate part of your eyes, so it makes sense that it’s hard to see.

The Tissue is Very Thin and Soft

The waterline is made up of very soft tissue. It is so delicate that it’s not even recommended to apply eyeliner there because it will cause irritation. You can imagine how difficult it is to draw a perfect, precise line with a sharp pencil when the tissue is so soft. Therefore, you’ll need to opt for a very soft pencil to avoid irritating the delicate tissue. Additionally, because of the thinness of the tissue, it’s easy to cause a mistake and create a messy line. Therefore, you’ll need to be extra careful when applying the liner to the waterline. Additionally, a pencil is a more challenging option for this part of your eye compared to a liquid or gel liner. That’s because you have to apply it with a gentle hand. If you apply it too hard, you’ll damage the tissue.

Eyelashes are Also Very Short

As we’ve already discussed, the waterline is a very small part of the eye. Therefore, it’s very easy to overlook it when applying eye makeup. That’s why many makeup artists advise you to apply the liner above your lash line. However, when you apply the liner above your lash line, you fall short when it comes to the length of the look. Whereas, when you draw the line below your lash line, it stretches your eyelashes and creates a dramatic look. That’s because your eyelashes are shorter than your lash line. Therefore, when you apply the liner below your lash line, your eyelashes extend past the waterline, giving a dramatic look.

What You Should Know Before Putting Liquid Eyeliner On Your Waterline? 

  1. There are a few things you should keep in mind before attempting to apply liquid eyeliner to your waterline.
  2.  The first thing you need to do is make sure you have the right brush for the job.
  3.  You’ll want a thin, angled brush that can easily fit into your waterline.
  4.  If you’re using a brush that is too wide, you’re likely to accidentally poke yourself in the eye. It’s also important to make sure you have a steady hand. 
  5. This is especially true if you’re new to this technique. 
  6. For best results, you should also wait until your eye isn’t as watery.
  7.  This will make it easier to apply the eyeliner accurately and avoid any mistakes.

When Should You Not Put Liquid Liner On Your Waterline?

  • You should not put liquid liner on your waterline if you have allergies, have recently taken eye drops, have any eye irritations, have had eye surgery, or have any other health problems.
  •  Because the waterline is so close to the eye, you need to make sure you don’t have any issues that could be exacerbated by putting eyeliner there. Preferably, you should also wait until you aren’t in the middle of a cold.
  •  It can be very difficult to see if you have put the liquid liner on correctly in this case, and you also run the risk of causing damage.

Tips For Applying Liquid Eyeliner On Your Waterline

  1. Make sure your water line is clean. You don’t want to put anything on a dirty area; you’ll just be adding to the problem. Make sure to use a clean makeup remover to clean the area before putting on your eyeliner. You can also use a cotton swab dipped in salt water.
  2.  Be careful when applying the liner. As we mentioned, it’s easy to make a mistake and accidentally poke yourself in the eye. If you accidentally get too close, don’t be afraid to take a step back and try again.
  3.   Don’t pull down the eyelid. This may seem like the easiest way to get the eyeliner on your waterline, but it can actually cause damage. Instead, use your fingers to gently lift up the eyelid from the outside.


Liquid eyeliner is an incredibly versatile product that can be used in both subtle and dramatic looks. It’s also a fantastic product to practice using on your waterline if you haven’t used it before. If you want a bolder look, you can put liquid liner on your lid instead. Putting liquid liner on your waterline can be difficult, but it’s also a great way to see what kind of beauty product you’re really made of. If you’re not challenging yourself with new beauty products, you’re not really pushing yourself to be the best version of yourself.