Do Real Diamonds Sparkle Rainbow? The Science Behind Diamonds

Do Real Diamonds Sparkle Rainbow

Diamonds are a symbol of beauty and romance, often used in engagement rings and other jewelry to signify the commitment of two people in love. But do real diamonds really spark a rainbow? The science behind diamonds is quite fascinating! Diamonds are made up of pure carbon that has been subjected to extreme heat and pressure. This process creates a unique crystalline structure, which refracts light in a beautiful way that can produce a rainbow of colors. While this phenomenon is rare in nature, it is possible to find diamonds with rainbow reflections. However, the process of creating rainbow diamonds can be quite complex and requires a great deal of skill and precision. With the right tools and expertise, it is possible to create a stunning diamond that truly sparkles with a rainbow of colors.

Do Real Diamonds Sparkle Rainbow?

Yes, real diamonds can sparkle a rainbow! This phenomenon is known as “fire”, and it occurs when white light is refracted by the diamond’s internal structure and dispersed into spectral colors. The brilliance of the diamond is determined by its cut, clarity, and color. A well-cut diamond should have a bright white sparkle with flashes of rainbow colors.

How Diamonds Are Formed? 

  1. The process of creating a diamond is a long and complicated one, and it can take thousands of years to form. Diamonds are formed inside the earth’s crust from carbon-rich rocks, which are subjected to extreme heat and high pressure.
  2. These extreme conditions cause the carbon to change its crystalline structure and form diamonds. The diamonds are then transported to the earth’s surface by volcanic eruptions or by rivers.
  3. The variations in diamond formation are primarily based on the location where they are formed. Types of diamonds include Siberian, Australian, and African diamonds. Diamonds found in the United States are typically mined from the Appalachian Mountains in the Southeast and the Great Lakes region. 
  4. The Appalachian Mountains contain carbon-rich rocks called kimberlite, which are the primary source of diamonds in the United States. The Great Lakes region also houses carbon-rich rocks, but they are not rich enough in diamonds to be mined profitably.

How Do Diamonds Refract Light? 

  • The way diamonds refract light is what creates their beautiful sparkle and makes them such an elegant gift. Diamonds are comprised of pure carbon, which is extremely strong and durable. However, this strength also makes it difficult to cut and polish diamonds. When light enters a diamond, it becomes scattered, creating a spectacular display of brilliance and fire. 
  • The amount of light that is refracted determines the diamond’s brilliance. These refractions create an array of rainbow colors and a diamond’s fire, which is the quantity and intensity of the sparkle. The amount of refraction that occurs depends on the shape of the diamond.
  • The shape of the diamond can be adjusted during the cutting process to manipulate the amount of light refracted. Round diamonds refract most of the light coming into the diamond, but other shapes, such as the emerald cut, refract less light. Thus, a diamond’s cut decides the amount of brilliance and fire it has, which is an essential aspect of grading diamonds.

The Science Behind Creating Rainbow Diamonds

  1. While the process of creating diamonds is fascinating, the creation of rainbow diamonds requires even greater precision and skill. The first step in creating a diamond with a rainbow of colors is to find a high-quality diamond that has ideal clarity and color, making it a great candidate for being converted into a rainbow diamond. 
  2. The next step is to use a specialized machine called a planisher to press the diamond against a grinding wheel. This process alters the shape of the diamond while simultaneously removing impurities and inclusions from the stone. 
  3. The diamond must be pressed against the grinding wheel at a precise angle and pressure in order to create the desired shape. The final step in creating a rainbow diamond is to place the diamond in a special chamber and heat it to extreme temperatures. 
  4. The extreme heat causes the carbon atoms in the diamond to rearrange themselves, forming a unique crystalline pattern that creates a stunning array of colors. The new pattern of crystals acts as a diffraction grating, which scatters light and creates rainbows of color.
  5. It can take several hours for the diamond to cool down enough to be removed from the chamber. It is important to note that the process of creating rainbow diamonds is difficult and costly, making these diamonds significantly more expensive than normal diamonds.

The Tools And Expertise Required To Create Rainbow Diamonds

  • The process of creating rainbow diamonds requires an array of tools and expertise. The first tool required is a good-quality diamond that is properly shaped and sized. It is important to find a diamond with a high level of clarity because inclusions can disrupt the formation of the patterns in the diamond. 
  • The second tool required is a specialized machine called a planisher, which is used to alter the shape of the diamond while simultaneously removing inclusions. The third tool needed is an extremely precise diamond press that is used to create the desired shape of the diamond.
  •  Finally, a specialized chamber is needed to heat the diamond to extreme temperatures to create the desired pattern of crystals. The design of the chamber is important because it determines the final shape and pattern of the crystalline structure. It is important to note that the process of creating rainbow diamonds is complex and expensive, often costing millions of dollars per diamond.

Advantages Of Rainbow Diamonds

  1. The main advantage of rainbow diamonds is their stunning beauty. Rainbow diamonds are truly a work of art because of their unique crystalline structure. Their stunning colors make them the ultimate gift for a loved one.
  2. Another advantage of rainbow diamonds is the meaning behind them. Since they are extremely rare, they are an excellent gift for a special occasion. Rainbow diamonds are a great gift for an engagement, Valentine’s Day, or even a birthday. The true value of rainbow diamonds lies in their beauty and rarity. 
  3. These diamonds are truly one-of-a-kind gifts that are sure to bring joy to their owner. Another advantage of owning a rainbow diamond is its potential investment value.
  4. While most people buy these diamonds for their aesthetic value, they also have potential value as an investment. Because they are expensive and rare, they are often a good choice for those who want to invest in diamonds.

How To Find Rainbow Diamonds? 

  • If you are searching for a rainbow diamond, it is important to know what to look for. Since the process of creating rainbow diamonds is complex, it is best to buy from a reputable jeweler.
  •  Reputable jewelers will have certification from a diamond grading company, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The GIA has grading scales that evaluate diamonds based on their clarity, color, cut, and carat.
  •  A diamond with a high clarity grade is a good choice for creating a rainbow diamond. A diamond with a high color grade will also work well for creating a rainbow diamond because it does not have any impurities.
  •  A diamond with a good cut grade will reflect light well, which is also essential for creating a rainbow diamond.

Tips For Buying Rainbow Diamonds

  1. If you are purchasing a rainbow diamond, it is important to know what you are getting. The first and most important thing to do is to make sure the diamond is real and not treated or enhanced in any way. 
  2. Make sure you get a proper diamond certificate and that the jeweler provides a proper appraisal. If the certificate is not in the company’s name, you should ask to see their credentials. 
  3. The next thing to consider is the shape of the diamond. While round diamonds are the most common, they are also the hardest to cut into a rainbow diamond. Other shapes, such as emerald cuts or princess cuts, are easier to create a rainbow diamond. Next, consider carat, clarity, and color. 
  4. The higher the carat, the more expensive the diamond will be. However, the higher the carat, the more impurities, and flaws there are likely to be. A high-clarity diamond is essential for creating a rainbow diamond, while a high color grade is not necessary. 
  5. When buying a rainbow diamond, you should expect to pay more than a traditional diamond. These diamonds are extremely rare and difficult to create, making them significantly more expensive.


While diamonds are a symbol of love and romance, few people know the real story of how they are formed. The process of creating diamonds is a long and complicated one, and it is important to buy from a reputable jeweler in order to ensure the quality of the diamond you are purchasing. When buying a rainbow diamond, it is important to consider carat, clarity, color, and shape. While round diamonds are the most common, other shapes are also available that are easier to create a rainbow diamond.

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