Does FedEx Work With USPS? An In-Depth Look At The Relationship Between The Two Companies

Does FedEx Work With USPS

‍FedEx and USPS are two of the most popular delivery services in the world. But does FedEx work with the US Postal Service? The answer is yes. The two companies have been working together for decades, providing customers with access to a variety of shipping options. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the relationship between FedEx and USPS, exploring how they collaborate and the different services they offer. We’ll also discuss the advantages of using both companies to ship your packages, as well as any potential drawbacks. So if you’ve been wondering whether FedEx works with USPS, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision by the time you finish reading.

Does FedEx Work With USPS?

FedEx works with the United States Postal Service (USPS). FedEx has a long-standing partnership with USPS that allows them to access USPS’ postal network and services. This partnership has allowed FedEx to offer customers various delivery solutions, including package pickup and drop-off at USPS locations. Additionally, by leveraging USPS’ expansive network, FedEx can offer more cost-effective delivery options to customers who live in rural or remote areas. With this partnership, businesses can take advantage of the excellent services that both companies provide and ensure packages get delivered promptly.

 How Does FedEx Work With USPS?

  • Package Pickup and Drop-Off – Customers can take advantage of package pickup and drop-off at USPS locations. All FedEx customers must enter the zip code for their desired location on the FedEx website, find a convenient place to send or pick up their packages, and make sure they meet any applicable service criteria.
  • Expedited Delivery Service – FedEx offers its customers a variety of expedited delivery services, including 2-Day Express, Same Day Express, and Priority Overnight. These delivery services are available in partnership with USPS, providing reliable and affordable shipping solutions to businesses within the United States.
  • International Shipping & Delivery Solutions – Through its partnership with USPS, FedEx can provide international shipping and delivery solutions. Customers can choose from a variety of services, including Global Express Guaranteed and Priority Mail International, to ensure their packages get delivered on time.
  • Shipping Labels – FedEx offers customers the ability to generate USPS-ready shipping labels through its online tools, making it easy for them to package and ship items. Customers can also print the labels directly from their printer, saving time and money.
  • Package Tracking – By leveraging USPS’ delivery capabilities, FedEx customers can track the progress of their shipments in real-time. They’re able to monitor the exact location of their packages as they move through the postal network and keep a close eye on when they should expect their items to arrive.
  • Discounts – FedEx and USPS offer customers discounts on select services, such as Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail International, depending on the size of their shipment or how far it needs to travel. These discounts can help reduce overall shipping costs for businesses.
  • Signature Confirmation – FedEx and USPS both offer signature confirmation services. This allows customers to receive a return receipt for their packages, providing extra security that the items have been delivered safely and securely.
  • Return Shipping – FedEx offers customers the ability to create return shipping labels with USPS, making it easy for them to send packages back to their original destinations.
  • Insurance – Both FedEx and USPS offer insurance options, allowing customers to insure their packages for up to $5,000 in value. This can provide peace of mind knowing that items are protected during the shipping process.
  • Express Guarantee – FedEx and USPS both offer express guarantee services, which promise that a package will arrive by a certain time and date or the customer will receive a refund. This helps to ensure that customers receive their items on time, every time.

Services Offered By Fedex And USPS

  1. Pickup and Drop-off at USPS Locations: Through their partnership, FedEx customers can take advantage of package pickup and drop-off services at USPS locations. This can be a convenient option for those who don’t have access to an official FedEx location or prefer the convenience of a nearby post office.
  2. Cost Savings: By leveraging USPS’ expansive network, FedEx can offer cost-effective delivery options to customers who live in rural or remote areas.
  3. Faster Deliveries: With this partnership, businesses are able to take advantage of both companies’ services and ensure that packages get delivered promptly.
  4. Accessible Services: The combined services of FedEx and USPS allow customers to have access to comprehensive delivery solutions. This makes it easy for businesses to send packages quickly, securely, and cost-effectively.
  5. Tracking: With both FedEx and USPS tracking services, customers can always know where their package is at any given time.

Overall, the partnership between FedEx and USPS allows businesses to take advantage of the great services both companies provide. By using this combined network, businesses can save money on delivery costs while still guaranteeing packages arrive quickly and securely.

Advantages Of Using Both FedEx And USPS

  • Comprehensive delivery service – Customers have access to a comprehensive delivery solution with the combined services of FedEx and USPS.
  • Cost savings – By leveraging USPS’ expansive network, FedEx can offer more cost-effective delivery options for customers in rural or remote areas.
  • Convenience – Customers can take advantage of package pickup and drop-off services at USPS locations.
  • Faster deliveries – With the combined resources of both companies, businesses can ensure that packages get delivered promptly.
  • Accessible tracking – Customers can always know where their package is at any given time with FedEx and USPS tracking services.
  • Increased flexibility – Businesses can choose the best delivery option for their needs, whether it’s a faster delivery or cost savings.
  • Reliability – Customers can trust that their packages will be delivered securely and on time with both companies’ resources.
  • Increased customer satisfaction – Providing customers with quality delivery services ensures they are satisfied with their purchase.


When shipping your packages, it can be beneficial to use both FedEx and USPS. This will help you choose the best service for your needs, as well as access a wider network of shipping partners. There are several advantages to using both companies, including choosing the best shipping method for your items. And you can also benefit from the fluctuations in rates and service at both companies. There are a few drawbacks to using both companies, but by considering the factors above, you’ll be able to select the best delivery service for your needs.


Q: Are there any drawbacks to using both companies?

A: The main drawback of using both FedEx and USPS is that it can get confusing, especially if you’re keeping track of shipments from both companies. Additionally, you might need to wait in line at a FedEx location to ship your items.

Q: What should I consider when selecting a delivery service?

A: When deciding which delivery service to use, you should consider the weight, size, and value of your items. Additionally, you should look at shipping times and costs, the availability of services in other countries, and the difference between letter postage and parcel postage. You should also take into account seasonal rate changes. Additionally, it’s important to note that each company offers different services. USPS offers standard, priority, and express mail, while FedEx offers standard, 2-day, and overnight shipping.

Q: Can I keep track of my shipments?

A: Yes! You can use shipping management software, such as Endicia or FedEx Ship Manager, to keep track of your shipments. You can also use a labeling system to ensure each package is correctly labeled with all the relevant information, including the shipping service you’re using.

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