150 Funny Borg Names That Will Leave You Laughing

Funny Borg Names

If you’re a fan of the Star Trek universe, chances are you’ve encountered the Borg. Known for their collective consciousness and advanced technology, the Borg are a formidable species that have become iconic in the world of science fiction. While their names are usually a combination of numbers and letters, that doesn’t mean they can’t be humorous or creative.

Our list of 50 hilarious Borg names is perfect for any Star Trek fan looking for a good laugh. We’ve scoured the galaxy to find the funniest and most unique names out there, so you don’t have to. Whether you’re looking for a name that references popular culture, such as 3 of Spades or A of Awkward, or something more food-related like 2 of Bacon or 5 of Doughnuts, we’ve got you covered.

Each name on our list is sure to bring a smile to your face, from 7 of Wine to 24 of Belly Laughs. These names show that even the most advanced and robotic beings in the galaxy can appreciate a good joke. They are a testament to the fact that humor knows no bounds and can be found even in the most unexpected places.

So, if you’re looking to add some humor and fun to your Borg fix, look no further than our collection of the funniest Borg names out there. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a good laugh with some of the most unique and hilarious names in the Star Trek universe.

7 of Wine

First up, we have 7 of Wine. This Borg name is a play on the well-known phrase “a glass of wine,” and it certainly brings a touch of humor to the Borg collective. Imagine hearing the collective voice say “7 of Wine, report to the assimilation chamber,” it’s sure to make you smile.

3 of Spades

Next on the list is 3 of Spades. This Borg name is a nod to the popular card game, and it’s certainly a unique way to stand out in the collective. You might even imagine that 3 of Spades is the go-to Borg for any card games played on the Borg cube during downtime.

2 of Bacon

Who doesn’t love bacon? The Borg certainly seems to with this next name on our list – 2 of Bacon. While it might seem a little strange to associate bacon with the Borg, there’s no denying that it’s a funny and memorable name.

5 Doughnuts

We all have our guilty pleasures, and it seems that the Borg are no exception. 5 of Doughnuts is a Borg name that is sure to bring a smile to your face. Can you imagine the Borg collective discussing which flavor of doughnut is their favorite?

9 of Lulz

Last but not least, we have 9 of Lulz. This Borg name is a nod to the internet slang term “lulz,” which is used to describe something that is amusing or funny. It’s a fitting name for a Borg who has a great sense of humor and isn’t afraid to show it.

50 Hilarious Borg Names That Will Leave You Laughing

1.7 of Wine 11. B of Bazinga 21. L of LOL 31. V of Vaudeville 41.16 of Amusement
2.3 of Spades 12. C of Cackles 22.M of Mirth 32. W of Whimsy 42.17 of Silly
3.5 of Doughnuts 13. D of Droll 23. N of Nerd 33. X of X-treme Laughter 43.18 of Smiles
4.9 of Lulz 14. E of Euphoria 24. O of Oddity 34. Y of Yucks 44.19 of Funniness
5.8 of Sarcasm 15. F of Fun 25. P of Pranks 35. Z of Zany 45. 20 of Roasts
6.6 of Chuckles 16. G of Giggles 26. Q of Quips 36.11 of Haha 46. 21 of Comedy Gold
7.1 of Wit 17. H of Hilarity 27. R of Ridicule 37.12 of Comedy 47. 22 of Hilarity Ensues
8.4 of Laughs 18. I of Irony 28.S of Snickers 38.13 of Humor 48. 23 of Satire
9.10 of Smirks 19. J of Jokes 29.T of Tease 39.14 of Guffaws 49. 24 of Belly Laughs
10. A of Awkward 20. K of Kidding 30. U of Uproar 40.15 of Chuckles 50. 24 of Lulu

50 Creative Borg Names That Could Be The Best:

  1. Omega of Perfection
  2. Nexus of Unity
  3. Infinity of Knowledge
  4. Eon of Experience
  5. Cosmos of Complexity
  6. Genesis of Evolution
  7. Zenith of Progress
  8. Radiance of Enlightenment
  9. Empyrean of Ascension
  10. Spectra of Diversity
  11. Kinetic of Motion
  12. Fractal of Patterns
  13. Metamorph of Change
  14. Flux of Dynamics
  15. Transcend of Limits
  16. Singular of Focus
  17. Essence of Purpose
  18. Apex of Power
  19. Mystic of Intuition
  20. Vertex of Resolution
  21. Converge of Harmony
  22. Synergy of Cooperation
  23. Fusion of Integration
  24. Ascend of Elevation
  25. Solace of Serenity
  26. Resilient of Strength
  27. Cynosure of Direction
  28. Stellar of Brilliance
  29. Quantum of Potential
  30. Primal of Instinct
  31. Celestial of Wonder
  32. Allegiance of Loyalty
  33. Fortitude of Endurance
  34. Sentinel of Watchfulness
  35. Vigilant of Awareness
  36. Harmonious of Balance
  37. Nirvana of Peace
  38. Arcane of Secrets
  39. Vanguard of Innovation
  40. Titan of Might
  41. Chronos of Time
  42. Epiphany of Revelation
  43. Mystic of Arcana
  44. Infinity of Possibility
  45. Archetype of Destiny
  46. Oracle of Prophecy
  47. Genesis of Creation
  48. Divinity of Transcendence
  49. Nomad of Journey
  50. Alpha of Dominion

These names blend the futuristic and philosophical nature of the Borg, using words that connote power, purpose, and growth. They represent a sense of unity and oneness while still emphasizing individuality and distinction. Each of these names would be a fitting addition to the collective, representing the best of the Borg race.

Top 50 Badass Borg Names

  1. Omega Prime
  2. Prime Directive
  3. Exterminator
  4. Omega Assimilator
  5. Annihilator
  6. The Devourer
  7. War Machine
  8. The Conqueror
  9. Terminator
  10. The Destroyer
  11. Annihilus
  12. Dominator
  13. The Unstoppable
  14. Endbringer
  15. Obliterator
  16. The Vanquisher
  17. Battle Cruiser
  18. The Menace
  19. Crusher
  20. The Invincible
  21. Reaper
  22. Apex Predator
  23. Dreadnought
  24. Omega Hunter
  25. The Butcher
  26. The Slayer
  27. Omega Destroyer
  28. The Enforcer
  29. The Executioner
  30. Black Knight
  31. Warlord
  32. The Ravager
  33. The Warbringer
  34. Hunter-Killer
  35. Thunderbolt
  36. Heavy Metal
  37. Ironclad
  38. Omega Warrior
  39. The Sentinel
  40. Stormbringer
  41. Omega Champion
  42. The Punisher
  43. The Vindicator
  44. The War Machine
  45. Omega Behemoth
  46. The Rampage
  47. The Omega Hunter
  48. The War Titan
  49. The Annihilator
  50. The Omega Destroyer

These names are designed to evoke power, strength, and an unstoppable force, much like the Borg themselves. They combine elements of warfare, conquest, and destruction to create names that are both imposing and memorable. Each of these names would strike fear into the hearts of those who stand in the way of the Borg collective.


The Borg are a formidable species in the Star Trek universe, known for their collective consciousness and futuristic technology. While their names are typically a combination of numbers and letters, that doesn’t mean they can’t be funny or creative. Our list of 50 hilarious Borg names showcases some of the funniest and most unique options out there, from 3 of Spades to 9 of Lulz. These names prove that even the most advanced and robotic beings can have a sense of humor and that laughter is truly universal. So whether you’re a diehard Star Trek fan or just looking for a good chuckle, our collection of funny Borg names is sure to entertain.

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