200 Funny Tank Names: A Guide To Funny Tank Names And Other Categories Of Tank Names

Funny Tank Names

Tank names have always been an important part of military tradition. They are not only a symbol of military might but also represent the strength and power of a country. However, with time, the approach towards tank naming has evolved, and the emphasis has shifted to making them more relatable and approachable. This shift has led to the emergence of funny, cool, good, and best tank names. In this article, we will explore different types of tank names and provide some examples to help you pick the perfect name for your tank.

History Of Tank Naming

The practice of naming tanks began in World War I, where British soldiers named their tanks after mythological creatures such as dragons and unicorns. This practice continued during World War II when the US Army started naming tanks after generals and leaders. The Soviets, on the other hand, named their tanks after towns and cities. The tradition of naming tanks continued throughout the Cold War and beyond, with countries like the UK, France, and Germany following their naming conventions.

Types Of Tank Names

Tank names can be classified into various categories based on the style, tone, and theme of the name. The most popular categories of tank names include funny, cool, good, and best.

1.  Funny Tank Names

Funny tank names are a great way to add some humor to your tank. These names often play on words, puns, and pop culture references to create a memorable name that’s both amusing and entertaining. Examples of funny tank names include Tankenstein, The Tanktopus, and The Panzerotti.

2. Cool Tank Names

Cool tank names are designed to sound impressive and powerful. They often use strong, bold words and are inspired by themes such as mythology, science fiction, and action movies. Examples of cool tank names include Thunderbolt, Ironclad, and Steel Dragon.

3. Good Tank Names

Good tank names are often based on the attributes of the tank, such as its strength, resilience, and endurance. These names aim to create a sense of awe and respect for the tank and its capabilities. Examples of good tank names include The Invincible, Dominator, and Juggernaut.

4. Best Tank Names

The best tank names are a combination of all the above categories. These names are powerful, memorable, and impactful. They are designed to strike fear into the enemy and inspire confidence in your allies. Examples of the best tank names include The Death Dealer, War Machine, and Steel Titan.

Funny Tank Names

  1. The Tankenstein
  2. The Tanktopus
  3. The Shermanator
  4. The Big Red
  5. The Mighty Mouse
  6. The T-Rex Tank
  7. The Armadillo Tank
  8. The Warthog Tank
  9. The Hedgehog Tank
  10. The Rambo Tank
  11. The Chuck Norris Tank
  12. The Hulk Tank
  13. The Terminator Tank
  14. The RoboCop Tank
  15. The Ghostbusters Tank
  16. The Darth Tank
  17. The R2-D2 Tank
  18. The T-1000 Tank
  19. The Predator Tank
  20. The Aliens Tank
  21. The Jaws Tank
  22. The Shark Tank
  23. The Snail Tank
  24. The Tortoise Tank
  25. The Speedy Tank
  26. The Fast and Furious Tank
  27. The Lightning Tank
  28. The Thunder Tank
  29. The Storm Tank
  30. The Cyclone Tank
  31. The Hurricane Tank
  32. The Espresso Tank
  33. The Tequila Tank
  34. The Creamsicle Tank
  35. The Root Beer Tank
  36. The Pizza Tank
  37. The Burger Tank
  38. The Hot Dog Tank
  39. The Bacon Tank
  40. The Sushi Tank
  41. The Burrito Tank
  42. The Nacho Tank
  43. The Cookie Tank
  44. The Cupcake Tank
  45. The Donut Tank
  46. The Ice Cream Tank
  47. The Candy Tank
  48. The Lollipop Tank
  49. The Chocolate Tank
  50. The Gummy Bear Tank

Best Tank Names

  1. The Death Dealer
  2. War Machine
  3. Steel Titan
  4. Tank Destroyer
  5. The Hellfire
  6. Iron Duke
  7. The Iron Reaper
  8. The Iron Wolf
  9. The Killer Whale
  10. The Knight
  11. The Maverick
  12. The Mercenary
  13. The Punisher
  14. The Rampage
  15. The Renegade
  16. The Sabretooth
  17. The Savage
  18. The Scorpion
  19. The Spartan
  20. The Storm
  21. The Thunderbolt
  22. The Vindicator
  23. The Warhawk
  24. The Avenger
  25. The Battlecry
  26. The Berserker
  27. The Black Knight
  28. The Bulldozer
  29. The Colossus
  30. The Deathstalker
  31. The Demolisher
  32. The Enforcer
  33. The Hammer of Justice
  34. The Inferno Fury
  35. The Iron Hammer
  36. The Jaguar
  37. The Paladin
  38. The Phoenix Rising
  39. The Thunderstorm
  40. The Valkyrie
  41. The Warlord
  42. The Armory
  43. The Behemoth
  44. The Blade
  45. The Crusader
  46. The Dominator
  47. The Dragon
  48. The Executioner
  49. The Ironclad
  50. The Thunderer
  51. The Death Dealer
  52. War Machine
  53. Steel Titan
  54. Tank Destroyer
  55. The Hellfire

Cool Tank Names

1. Thunderbolt 11. The Kraken 21. The Phantom 31. The Warlord 41. The Hurricane
2. ironclad 12. The Conqueror 22. The Dark Horse 32. The Iron Giant 42. The Inferno Fury
3. Steel Dragon 13. The Sentinel 23. The Bloodhound 33. The Behemoth 43. The Vortex
4. Shadow Hunter 14. The Gladiator 24. The Avenger 34. The Leviathan 44. The Hammerhead
5. Bulletproof 15. The Juggernaut 25. The Sabre 35. The Cyclops 45. The Rhino
6. Warhammer 16. The Dominator 26. The Fury 36. The Goliath 46. The Silver Bullet
7. The Titan 17. The Inferno 27. The Nemesis 37. The Chimera 47. The Dark Knight
8. Deathstalker 18. The Bulldog 28. The Thunderer 38. The Vindicator 48. The Spectre
9. Reaper 19.The Maverick 29. The Crusader 39. The Serpent 49. The Eclipse
10. The Destroyer 20. The Black Knight 30. The Raptor 40. The Phoenix 50. The Eclipse Fury

Good Tank Names

  1. The Invincible – A name that suggests unbeatable strength and power.
  2. Dominator – A name that conveys authority and control over the battlefield.
  3. Armageddon – A name that signifies the final battle or end of the world.
  4. Juggernaut – A name that implies an unstoppable force or giant of destruction.
  5. Annihilator – A name that suggests destruction or obliteration.
  6. Iron Will – A name that suggests determination and resolve.
  7. The Sentinel – A name that implies constant vigilance and protection.
  8. Hammer of War – A name that suggests a heavy and powerful weapon.
  9. Thunder Strike – A name that conveys a sudden and devastating attack.
  10. Immortal – A name that suggests invincibility or long-lasting endurance.
  11. The Mountain – A name that suggests immovable and imposing force.
  12. The Wall – A name that implies protection and resilience.
  13. The Fortress – A name that suggests a strong and impenetrable structure.
  14. The Shield – A name that implies protection and defense.
  15. The Crusade – A name that suggests a holy war or righteous mission.
  16. The Sentinel – A name that implies constant vigilance and protection.
  17. The Rampart – A name that implies a protective barrier or stronghold.
  18. The Guardian – A name that suggests protection and defense.
  19. The Bastion – A name that implies a fortress or strong defense.
  20. The Citadel – A name that suggests a well-fortified and protected structure.
  21. The Colossus – A name that implies a massive and powerful figure.
  22. The Apex – A name that suggests the pinnacle of strength and power.
  23. The Omega – A name that suggests the end or final destination.
  24. The Titan – A name that implies a giant of strength and power.
  25. The Hammer – A name that suggests a powerful and heavy weapon.
  26. The Crusader – A name that suggests a holy warrior or defender.
  27. The Behemoth – A name that implies a monstrous and powerful figure.
  28. The Warhawk – A name that suggests a fierce and deadly predator.
  29. The Barricade – A name that implies a barrier of protection.
  30. The Bulwark – A name that suggests a strong and unbreakable defense.
  31. The Champion – A name that suggests a winner or victor.
  32. The Excalibur – A name that suggests a legendary and powerful sword.
  33. The Phoenix – A name that implies rising from the ashes or rebirth.
  34. The Sentinel – A name that implies constant vigilance and protection.
  35. The Thunderbolt – A name that suggests a sudden and powerful attack.
  36. The Vanguard – A name that suggests a leading force or advance guard.
  37. The Wrath – A name that suggests fierce anger or intense rage.
  38. The Colossus – A name that implies a massive and powerful figure.
  39. The Dreadnought – A name that suggests a powerful and unstoppable force.
  40. The Enforcer – A name that implies strict and unyielding authority.
  41. The Indomitable – A name that suggests unyielding strength and determination.
  42. The Monolith – A name that implies a massive and powerful structure.
  43. The Obliterator – A name that suggests cestruction or obliteration.
  44. The Paladin – A name that suggests a noble and righteous warrior.
  45. The Phoenix Rising – A name that implies overcoming challenges or adversity.
  46. The Protector – A name that implies a role of defense and safeguarding.
  47. The Punisher – A name that suggests a force that seeks out and
  48. The Sentinel – A name that implies constant vigilance and protection.
  49. The Stone Wall – A name that suggests an unyielding defense.
  50. The Terminator – A name that implies a relentless and unstoppable force.
  51. The Thunderstorm – A name that suggests a powerful and intense force of nature.
  52. The Valkyrie – A name that implies a fierce and powerful female warrior.
  53. The Warlord – A name that suggests a ruler of the battlefield.
  54. The Armory – A name that implies a place of weapon storage and preparation.
  55. The Colossus of Rhodes – A name that suggests an ancient and powerful figure.
  56. The Defender – A name that implies a role of protection and defense.
  57. The Devastator – A name that suggests a force that causes destruction and damage.
  58. The Dragon Slayer – A name that implies a powerful and heroic figure.
  59. The Ironclad Fortress – A name that suggests a well-fortified and impenetrable structure.
  60. The Leviathan – A name that implies a massive and powerful sea monster.


As this guide has demonstrated, there are many different types of tank names that you can choose from, each with its unique qualities and characteristics. Whether you prefer a name that conveys strength and power, or something more lighthearted and humorous, there is a tank name out there for everyone. When choosing a tank name, it’s important to consider the history and traditions of military naming conventions, as well as your personal preferences and style. Take some time to explore the different options available, and don’t be afraid to get creative with your choices.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to choose a name that you feel proud of and that accurately reflects the qualities of your tank. So go ahead and get started on your tank naming journey, and have fun with it!

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