How Do You Get A Squirrel To Like You

How Do You Get A Squirrel To Like You

The wild world of squirrels can be an intimidating place. They are small, fast, and acrobatic creatures that keep their distance from people who aren’t feeding them. However, for those willing to take the time to get to know them a little better, squirrels are also endearing, sociable animals with great personalities and entertaining antics. So how do you make a squirrel your friend? Read on for our ultimate guide on how to get a squirrel to like you!

How Do You Get A Squirrel To Like You? 

Be Patient

Squirrels are often nervous in new environments and around humans, so try to be as patient as possible with them. It may take a while for a squirrel to warm up to you, so don’t get frustrated. Squirrels often take comfort in their surroundings, so try to make them feel as at ease with you as possible. If you try to rush the process of getting a squirrel to like you too quickly, it will only make them more nervous, and it may be harder to get them to trust you next time. Try to let the squirrel get used to you in its own time, and it will be much easier to be patient.

Feed the Squirrel Before Meeting It

Squirrels are a lot like cats. They are very wary of new people and places, and they often don’t trust people at first. However, once you’ve fed the squirrel and given it something that it likes, it will trust you much more than if you try to meet it straight away. To get a squirrel to like you, it’s best to buy it some food that it likes as soon as you get it home. Feed the squirrel, and then once it starts to feel more comfortable with you, you can try to meet it. If you try to meet the squirrel before feeding it, it may be too nervous to eat from you once you’ve met it and will likely just run away. Getting a squirrel to like you is much easier if you feed it first so that it trusts you.

Don’t Rush Into Things

It may seem silly after reading the above tip, but you really do need to take your time. If you’re rushing into things, you’ll only scare the squirrel away from you. You don’t need to rush things if you take your time and let the squirrel get used to you in its own time. If you rush into things, the squirrel will likely be even more nervous about you, and the process of getting it to like you will be even longer. Even if you’ve fed it and given it something it likes, it may still be too nervous of you to come near you. Don’t rush the process of getting a squirrel to like you, and it will go a lot smoother and be much easier.

Don’t Hold or Carry the Squirrel

Squirrels are a lot like cats in that they don’t like being held or held against their will. If you try to hold the squirrel in your hands, it will likely be very nervous and may even bite you. Holding a squirrel too tightly will likely cause it to become stressed and could make it sick in some cases. Carrying a squirrel on your shoulders or in your arms will likely scare it and make it uncomfortable, and it may try to run away from you or bite you. If you want to get a squirrel to like you, don’t ever hold it too tightly. If you want to pick it up, try to do it gently and carefully.

Speak to the Squirrel in a Soft Tone

Squirrels are usually shy creatures, so if you want to get a squirrel to like you, try to speak to it in a very soft, calm tone. Don’t try to be overly friendly and make too much noise, as this will likely scare the squirrel more than anything. If you want to get a squirrel to like you, try to speak to it in a soft tone, and don’t try to talk too much. Squirrels are very timid animals, and if you try to talk too much, it will only scare it more. Try to let the squirrel come to you, and don’t try to force it to do anything that it doesn’t want to do. Avoid harsh or deep tones when speaking to the squirrel so that it knows that you’re not trying to scare it. If the squirrel knows that you’re not a threat, it will likely grow to like you much more.

How To Become A Friend With A Squirrel?

In general, squirrels fall into two categories: tree squirrels and ground squirrels. 

Tree squirrels are more likely to make a friend with humans since they have a reputation for being bolder and more outgoing. If you want to become friends with a tree squirrel, there are a few tricks you can try! 

  1. First, make sure you feed them regularly to build a positive association with you and your food.
  2. Then, once you have a good relationship with them and you feel like you want to up the friendship level, try gently stroking them with a hand (make sure you’re wearing gloves). 
  3. You can also try gently picking them up when they’re sleeping, but be careful not to wake them up! Ground squirrels are a bit more independent and less likely to make friends with humans. Still, there are a few things you can try. 
  4. Most importantly, make sure you’re feeding them regularly so that you have a good relationship with them. 
  5. Other than that, you can try getting them used to your scent and presence by wearing gloves and gently touching them.

Why Do Squirrels Dislike Humans?

  • Humans have a habit of killing and consuming squirrels, which can make them wary of people. 
  • Squirrels also rely on sound to navigate their world, and humans are loud and unpredictable creatures that they can’t always understand.
  •  This can lead to a natural wariness around people that isn’t necessarily directed at all humans but rather at humans as a general species.
  •  This isn’t so much a problem that can be solved as it is a fact of life you have to work around. 
  • You can’t change the fact that humans are loud and unpredictable and that many people kill squirrels.
  •  Instead, you have to show a squirrel that you’re different from the rest of the species. 
  • The best way to do this is to earn their trust and make a positive, consistent relationship with them.

Tips For Getting A Squirrel To Trust You

  1. Be consistent: Regularly feed the squirrels and keep to the same times that you do so. This regularity will help them to understand your habits and become more familiar with you.
  2. Avoid startling them: Squirrels rely on sound to navigate their world, and sudden loud noises can scare them. Wear soft-soled shoes around them or walk quietly, and avoid making loud noises (such as shouting). 
  3.  Keep your hands and smells to yourself: You can show the squirrel that you’re friendly if you have gloves on and you’re not trying to grab them.
  4.   Be careful what you feed them: While squirrels can eat some human food, they can also get nutritional overload if you feed them too much. As a result, you risk killing their natural wariness of humans.


Squirrels are wild creatures that generally prefer to keep their distance from humans. That said, they’re curious animals and can be won over if you show them that you’re a friend. Be patient and friendly, and follow the tips in this article for how to get a squirrel to like you. Soon enough, you’ll be able to make a new friend in the wild!