How To Cut Holes In Your Jeans: A Step-By-Step Guide

How To Cut Holes In Your Jeans

There are a million ways to alter your old pair of jeans, from bleach and graphic tees to studs and ripped knees. There are also a million ways to cut your jeans in new ways, too. Whether you want to add lace or cut holes for a punk-inspired look, there’s an alteration for any idea you have. If you’re ready to take your denim game up a notch and take on some DIY projects with your jeans, we’ve got you covered! Read on for step-by-step instructions on how to cut holes in your jeans. Once you know these tricks, we guarantee that no pair of denim will be off-limits.

How To Cut Holes In Jeans? 

Step 1: Determine where you want the holes to be.

Before you start cutting the holes in your jeans, you need to determine where exactly you want them to be. Make sure you put them in places where they won’t be very noticeable, such as the back pockets or the sides of the legs. You can also add as many as you want if you have the patience. The best thing about this alteration is that you can make the holes wherever you want, so you can be as creative as you want. You can even make a pattern on one leg if you like! The only thing you need to be careful about is the size and shape of the hole.

Step 2: Cut the desired holes.

Now that you know where you want the holes to be, it’s time to cut them. Make sure you cut slowly to prevent damaging the fabric, especially if you’re using scissors. If you don’t have any experience with cutting fabric, you can practice on an old pair of jeans first. If you want to make a larger hole, you can always make several cuts instead of trying to make one large one. That way, you’ll make sure you don’t damage the fabric too much. Once you’ve cut the desired holes in your jeans, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Decide on what you want to put in place of the hole.

Before you start putting anything in place of the holes in your jeans, make sure you know exactly what you want to put there. – Patches – There are many patches you can use to fill in the holes in your jeans. The most popular ones are baseball patches, emo patches, and skull patches. You can also use patches in the shape of your initials or the name of your significant other. – Fabric – Another great way to fill in the holes in your jeans is to use fabric. You can use any fabric that matches the color of your jeans or something you like. You can also use materials you have around the house, such as old scraps of fabric or leftover pieces of fabric from an old project. – Buttons – An easy way to fill in the holes in your jeans is to use buttons. Make sure the color of the buttons matches the color of the jeans and that they are large enough to cover the holes. – Beads – Another way to fill in the holes in your jeans is to use beads. You can use any type of beads you like, so make sure you choose something that goes well with your jeans. – Sequins – Another interesting way to fill in the holes in your jeans is to use sequins. You can use any color you like, or you can use different colors to create a colorful pattern. – Nails – You can also fill in the holes in your jeans with nails, as long as they’re small enough and don’t damage the fabric. You can use nails of any color, and they can look really cool when they’re done.

Step 4: Sew in place whatever you’ve decided on.

Once you’ve decided on what to put in place of the holes, it’s time to sew them in place. Make sure that the materials you’ve chosen fit well, look good, and are secure enough to last. You can use any type of sewing machine or hand-sewing method for this. If you’re using fabrics, make sure they’re thin enough so that it doesn’t damage the fabric of the jeans too much. You also need to make sure the fabric is long enough so that it covers the whole hole. If you’re using buttons, make sure they fit well and aren’t too loose. If you’re using beads, make sure they aren’t too large so that they don’t fall off.

Step 5: Final touches and evaluation

Once you’ve sewn in place whatever you’ve decided on, it’s time to give your jeans a final touch and make sure they look just the way you want them to. You can do this by ironing the fabric or simply pressing the button. You can also use thread to sew the materials you’ve chosen in place to make sure they stay there and don’t come off. Make sure you choose a thread that matches the color of the jeans. Now that you’ve finished cutting holes in your jeans, you can finally wear them and show off your new and interesting look! Be careful with these jeans, though, especially if you’re wearing them often. Jeans with holes in them tend to wear out faster than regular jeans.

What You’ll Need

  • For any alteration, you’ll want to make sure you have the right tools before you start. 
  • When cutting holes in jeans, you’ll need scissors or a fabric hole puncher, a needle and thread, and the pair of jeans you want to alter.
  •  If you have a pair of jeans you love, but they’re just a little too long for your taste, you can easily make a pair of shorts out of them. 
  • Just make sure to choose a pair with sturdy fabric.
  •  Lightweight jeans can make for shorts that wear out much quicker than a pair of jeans would.

How To Make Shorts Out Of Your Jeans? 

  1. You’ll need scissors and a pair of jeans that are the correct length for shorts. 
  2. Start by taking the jeans you want to make into shorts and folding them in half so that the two legs meet. 
  3. You can either cut the jeans at the fold or cut them down the leg until you reach the desired length for your shorts.
  4.  The fold is the easiest place to start, but keep in mind that you’ll lose the design on the back pocket. 
  5. When you’re finished cutting, you should have a pair of shorts! If you want a more accurate length and don’t care about the back pocket design, you can also measure your desired length and start cutting right below your knee. 
  6. You’ll also want to consider the fit of the jeans you’re cutting, so if they’re skin-tight, you might want to go a little longer than usual.

How To Turn Your Jeans Into A Skirt? 

  • If you love the fit of your jeans but want to make them a little more feminine, you can turn them into a skirt. 
  • You can make this alteration either at the waist or just above the knees. Start by measuring the length you want the skirt to be.
  •  Next, fold the jeans in half from the top down until the fold reaches the desired length. Next, use scissors to cut the jeans at the fold.
  •  Now, open your jeans back up and place a pin in the middle of the fold. Take the pin and move it through the jeans until it comes out the other side.
  •  Pin the jeans together from the inside and then carefully cut the seam on both sides of the pin. To finish, you can either sew the seam or use a fabric glue stick to keep the edges together.

How To Add Lace Holes To Your Jeans

  1. Are you ready to take your DIY jeans game to the next level? Lace holes are a gorgeous and fashionable way to add flair to your denim. With just a few simple tools, you can create a pair of jeans that stand out in any crowd. 
  2. Start by choosing a pair of jeans that have a loose fit. A tighter pair can be difficult to work with once you’ve started adding holes.
  3.  Next, measure the width of your ankle and add an inch to the measurement to find the best location for your first hole. 
  4. Then, mark the center of the ankle and use a ruler to mark every inch up to your desired location.
  5.  Now, take the lace and fold it in half. Starting with the first marking, push the prong of the eyelet through the jeans and then push the lace through the prong. 
  6. Continue this pattern until you’ve reached the top of the ankle.
  7.  Now, move up to the next marking and repeat until you’ve added one lace hole above each ankle.

The Bottom Line

While there are a million ways to alter your jeans, you’ll need to decide first which alteration you want to make. Once you know what you want to do, you can start marking your denim and making the perfect pair of jeans that are completely unique to you!