How To Fix A Broken Bed Frame: The Ultimate Guide

How To Fix A Broken Bed Frame

When your bed frame breaks, it’s pretty obvious. It’s loud and the wood splinters everywhere. There’s no hiding it from anyone. So what do you do when that happens? How can you fix a broken bed frame? That’s where we come in! The following article will teach you everything about fixing a broken bed frame: how to recognize if your frame is broken and which parts of the frame are most likely to break, what are the common causes of breaking, and what materials are usually used to repair a broken bed, as well as tips on how to repair a broken bed and exactly what tools you need for that task.

How To Fix A Broken Bed Frame

1. Identify the problem

First, you need to know what exactly broke your bed frame. This is important because different parts of the bed frame can be affected by different types of damage. The most common parts of a bed frame that break are the slats and the legs. The following table illustrates how common parts break:

2. Determine if your broken bed frame requires professional help

If all the broken pieces have been properly removed, then it’s time to consider whether you should call a professional or not. If the entire frame was damaged then a professional may be able to save it, but only if they have the right knowledge and equipment for that job. On average, it will take one to two hours for an experienced expert to repair a broken bed frame if they have all the necessary tools and materials with them. That’s why it’s very important that you determine if you need a professional’s help.

3. Repairing a broken bed frame with a hammer and nails

If your broken bed frame is made of wood, you can use a hammer and nails to fix it. However, this option is only available if the wood is solid and not hollow or if the wood has been treated with preservatives such as oil. If it’s not possible to repair your bed frame using a hammer and nails, then you should contact an expert for help. It will cost less than $100 to have the damaged parts of your bed frame replaced by an expert.

4. Repairing a broken bed frame with glue and nails

If you’re unable to repair your broken bed frame using tools or hammers, then you can try gluing the pieces together with timber glue or liquid nails. You should also ensure that all parts of the bed frame are properly aligned before gluing them together because this will help ensure that $100 to fix a broken bed frame with a professional.

5. Fixing a broken bed frame with wood filler and wood putty

If you don’t have the materials for repairing your broken bed frame, then you can always try the following option: filling in the cracks with wood filler and then putting in wood putty. It will cost less than $100 to fix your broken bed frame this way. Of course, it’s always best to repair your broken furniture with an expert if possible because it will be more durable in the long run and won’t break down as fast as other options do. But if this is not an option, then you should at least the price of a new bed frame. to fix a broken bed frame using hammers and nails then to obtain professional help.

How To Recognize A Broken Bed Frame

1. Check the joints

Before you even think about fixing a broken bed frame, it’s important to check the joints. The first thing you should do is take a look at the bed frame and see if it’s leaning or tilting. If so, that’s an indication that one of the joints inside has broken. It could be a simple fix of just tightening up the nuts on the bolts, but often times it’s not that easy. If you see looseness in any part of your frame, then it means there is something wrong with that joint. And if you can’t fix it, then your only option would be to replace the whole thing – which is obviously not ideal!

2. Check for loose screws

Once you notice there are some loose screws inside your bed frame, don’t panic! That means there are still some parts left! You can still fix this without replacing the whole thing! Take a look at the joints and see if there are still some loose screws. If so, tighten them up! You might have to re-adjust the bed frame to make sure it’s still sturdy, but I can guarantee you that once you’re done with that, your frame will be just like new!

3. Check for tight joints

If you’ve checked all of the joints and there are still loose screws or loose nuts inside your bed frame, then you should check for tight joints. Loose joints can be fixed easily by tightening them up a bit. Tightened-up joints are less likely to break in the future. So make sure to check all of the joints inside your bed frame and see if they need any fixing or tightening!

4. Check if there are any cracks in the wood

If you notice some cracks in your wood then it means one of the pieces of wood inside has cracked. This is a very common problem with the bolts with a wrench that tightens them up. However, if there are tight joints inside your bed frame, it can be a lot more complicated to fix. That’s because you need to tighten all the nuts and bolts that are holding the joints together. This is done in order to make sure that your bed frame will be sturdy enough to support your weight without breaking.

What Is The Cause Of Your Broken Bed Frame?

  • The main cause of a broken bed frame is when someone tries to move the bed without taking into account the weight and strength of the frame. If your bed frame isn’t strong enough, it will break under the stress.
  • The second most common cause of a broken bed frame is when someone tries to lift it with a single arm. A single person lifting a heavy object is much more likely to break it than two people lifting it together since one person would be pulling down on the other part of the frame.
  • The third most common cause of a broken bed frame is when you try to move it around with too much force or too little force, depending on how much force you are applying and whether or not your bed is properly secured to its base/frame.


A broken bed frame can be a pain to deal with, but with these easy steps, you’ll have it fixed in no time. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully so you don’t end up with an even bigger mess on your hands. And if all else fails, remember that there are always professionals who can help get the job done right.

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