How To Get Rid Of Squirrels In Your Attic And Walls

How To Get Rid Of Squirrels In Your Attic And Walls

Do you hear scratching sounds in your attic or see holes in the exterior walls of your home? These are telltale signs that squirrels are living there. Although these rodents don’t pose any direct danger to human habitation, they can be extremely annoying and destructive. If left unchecked, squirrels can chew away at the insides of your walls and attic, creating big holes which let rain, snow, and other elements into your home. Read on to find out more about how to get rid of squirrels in the attic and walls of your home.

How To Get Rid Of Squirrels In Your Attic And Walls? 

Put Up A Fence

A fence is a great way to keep squirrels away from your house, but you’ll probably need to build it on your neighbor’s property. Squirrels are great climbers, so you’ll need something sturdy. Wrought iron fencing is too flimsy, so you’ll need to use wooden posts and wire with a heavy gauge. If you don’t have a fence, you can also try planting shrubs and trees that squirrels don’t like to climb.

Set Up Traps

Trapping is an effective way to get rid of squirrels, but you’ll need to find the right trap. Squirrels are too small for cage traps, so you’ll need to use a live trap. These are cages with openings at the bottom that allow the squirrels to enter, but prevent them from escaping. There are a few different types of live traps, but the best is the one-door trap. This trap holds the squirrel inside with a door that closes behind the squirrel while they’re outside. This prevents other animals, like birds or small rodents, from entering and getting trapped inside. Squirrels are curious creatures and will likely investigate the trap. Once they’re inside, you can release them in the woods. You’ll need to check the trap daily and put fruit-like apples inside to encourage the squirrels to enter.

Get A Dog

This is probably the craziest way to get rid of squirrels, but it’s effective. If you have a dog that barks loudly when they see a squirrel, it’ll chase them away. Squirrels are smart, though, and they’ll avoid your house when they hear your dog barking. You can also try putting your dog outside to bark at the squirrels when they’re nearby. Dogs make great natural squirrel repellents, but you’ll need to remember to let them outside so they can do their job. You can’t keep your dog cooped up inside all day, or the squirrels will win.

Seal Off Their Access Points

This is the most effective way to get rid of squirrels, but it takes a long time. You’ll need to find all the entry points squirrels are using to gain access to your attic or wall cavities. Check all your ductwork and roof vents, and look behind all the appliances in your house. You can use steel wool to plug up small holes or caulk to plug up larger openings. You might also be able to use steel mesh to plug up holes in your roof shingles. You’ll need to plug every possible entry point to make sure the squirrels can’t find another way in. You’ll need to do this for several weeks, and be patient. Once the squirrels are inside, they’ll make their way out eventually. Make sure to watch for squirrels once they’ve left so you can seal off their escape route.

Why Are There So Many Squirrels In Walls And Attics? 

There’s A Lot Of Food In Your Attic

Squirrels are rodents that are very opportunistic feeders. This means that they will eat just about anything and everything. They eat a lot of nuts and seeds but also some fruits and vegetables, like corn and berries. Squirrels also eat insects and other critters that are found in your attic. If there is a lot of food available in your attic, it will likely attract a lot of squirrels. If squirrels have been living in your attic for a while, they will have eaten most of the food. This means they are looking for a new food source, which could be your insulation.

Your Attic Is A Good Place To Raise A Family

Squirrels are very social animals that live in what is called a “drey” (an animal nest). They prefer to raise their young in attics and walls because it is warm and dark. Additionally, it offers protection from predators and the weather. Squirrels that are living in your attic are likely to breed there during the spring and summer months. The female squirrel will give birth to three or four baby squirrels. They will usually leave the nesting area once the babies are about two weeks old. This means that you will probably hear the baby squirrels moving around in your attic for about two weeks. If you hear noises that sound like scratching or chewing after the two-week period, it is likely squirrels are chewing their way into your attic.

You Probably Have Great Acoustics For Singing

Squirrels that are living in your walls or attic have a tendency to sing. In fact, they are known to sing all year round but especially in the spring and summer. They sing to attract a mate and to mark their territory. The squirrels in your attic will sing at all hours of the day and night. If you have ever heard squirrels singing, you know that it can be very loud and sounds like squeaky wheelbarrows.

It’s Easy To Get In And Out Of Your Home

Squirrels are very curious animals. They are naturally inclined to explore their habitat and their surroundings. They are very agile and are able to climb, jump and leap. Squirrels in your attic can get in and out of your home easily through small gaps and holes. If you have an attic, you will notice squirrel droppings, scratch marks, and odor. If you hear scratching noises or find fresh scratch marks, you can be sure that these squirrels are getting in and out of your attic.

You’re Close To A Lot Of Nest-Building Materials

Squirrels love the smell of cedar and many of them will make a nesting area out of it. Squirrels prefer to build their nests in dark and warm places such as attics and walls. If you have a lot of cedar in your attic or walls, you will likely have squirrels living in your home. Squirrels are very messy creatures and leave a lot of mess behind. It is important to clean them out before they cause damage to your home. It’s not just a nuisance; it’s a health hazard. Squirrels in walls can be a dangerous situation, as they have the potential to cause an electrical fire. Squirrels love to chew on things, but they love to chew on wiring even more. Squirrels can chew through wires, causing an electrical fire to start in your wall.

How To Identify If Squirrels Are Infesting Your Home? 

To determine if squirrels have infested your home, look for these signs: –

  •  Droppings – Squirrel droppings are about the size of a peanut and are usually found near vents and around the perimeter of your home. 

  • Holes in the Exterior – Squirrels chew through the exterior of your walls to get inside the home. 

  •  Damage to the Insides – Squirrels gnaw at wiring, pipes, and other important elements of your home. Squirrels can be tricky to get rid of, but with the right combination of traps, repellents, and preventive measures, you can quickly get rid of them and prevent them from coming back.

Natural Ways To Repel Squirrels In Your Home And Yard

There are a number of natural ways to repel squirrels that don’t require you to use toxic chemicals or put your safety at risk. You can try any of these natural repellents to repel squirrels from your home: 

  1.  Cayenne Pepper – This herb is a powerful repellent that can be used to keep squirrels away from your home.

  2. Garlic – Garlic can be used to repel squirrels from your yard. 

  3. Hot Pepper Sprays – You can create your own hot pepper spray to repel squirrels from your yard. 

  4. Pepper Spray – Pepper spray can be used to repel squirrels from your yard. 

  5. Cucumber Sprays – Cucumber sprays are another natural repellent that can be used to repel squirrels. 

  6.  Coated Peanuts – You can coat peanuts in chili powder or hot sauce to create a potent squirrel repellent. 

  7.  Scented Dryer Sheets – You can also try to repel squirrels with scented dryer sheets. – 

  8. Scary Bird Decoration – You can scare away squirrels with scary bird decoration.

  9.  Basil – Basil is a natural herb that can repel squirrels from your yard.


Squirrels can be a real nuisance, but there are plenty of ways to get rid of them. You can use repellents and hot pepper sprays to keep squirrels away from your yard, or you can use trapping and repellents to remove them from your home. Regardless of how you choose to get rid of squirrels, you need to be vigilant. Squirrels can be persistent, so you need to stay on top of the situation and maintain a regular schedule of repellent application and trap cleaning.