How To Get Silph Scope In Fire Red?

How To Get Silph Scope In Fire Red

You’ve played through the tutorial, you’ve mastered the gyms, and you’ve unlocked all of the badges. But now it’s time to challenge the hardest trainers in Pokemon Go to a battle and take on Raid Bosses. Silph Scope is an Iconic badge that requires you to fight against Silph Co. headquarters in Gunner, Silph Research in Lab, and Silph owns your clubhouse in Clubhouse. They are all Raid Bosses with their own Silph Scope Challenge! The raid bosses are usually much more difficult than standard gym leaders or wild Pokemon. That being said, because there is only one spot for each raid boss, anyone can easily face them without hesitation. As such, you’ll need to learn how to get sylph scope to defeat them without getting frustrated and giving up too early.

How To Get Silph Scope In Fire Red?

Get to Silph Mall first in Fire Red.

Your first step in getting Silph Scope in Fire Red is to get to Silph Mall in Fire Red. Luckily, it’s only a short walk from Route 1. If you don’t mind a little hiking (or a quick ten-minute flight after capture), you can get to Silph Mall in just a few minutes.

Tell the Silph Mall staff your Pokémon GO request.

If you’ve been enjoying playing Pokémon GO and haven’t had a chance to speak to the Silph Mall staff yet, you’re in luck. They’re all very busy and can help you out with your request. Just walk into the Silph Mall and ask one of the staff where the Pokémon GO gem is located. They’ll point you in the right direction.

Decide how you’ll use the Silph Scope.

After you tell the staff where the gem is, you’ll want to decide how you’ll use Silph Scope. There are a few different things you can do with it. The first is to use it to level up your Pokémon. Once you have access to the more powerful Pokémon, you can use Silph Scope to capture more of them. You could also use Silph Scope to trade with other Trainers. Just make sure you’re following the Pokémon GO trading conditions and regulations to avoid getting in trouble.

Train at a Gym in Fire Red

The best way to train with Silph Scope is to use it at a Gym in Fire Red. A Gym is a perfect place to train because you have a lot of competition. If you’re able to train a lot and work on building up your team, you’ll be unstoppable. Unfortunately, you can’t just walk into a Gym and ask to train. You have to first ask to join the team. Generally, this is done by exchanging either a Crown or a Perfect Piggy Bank for a Pokémon in the Gym. Once you’re on the team, you’ll have a place to train and a reason to go.

Get to the Pokémonettel

Once you’ve found a Gym where you’d like to train, the easiest way to get to the Pokémonettel is to use the Pokémon GO map. That way, you’ll be on the right track the first time you visit the Gym. Use your newfound knowledge to guide you to the Pokémonettel and capture some Pokémon along the way. You can use the lure item to get Pokémon to come to you. Once you’ve captured your Pokémon, approach the Gym leader and show him or her the Pokémon you’ve captured. This will let the Gym leader know that you’re a Trainee and will prompt them to let you train.

Exit Silph Mall once you have Silph Scope.

When you’re done training at the Gym and want to head back home, exit Silph Mall and start the walk-up again. You’ll have to walk all the way to the first exit. Once you’re at the gate, walk through the exit and exit the other side. This will return you to the start of the walk-up. Now, walk forward one step and exit Silph Mall again. You’ll have been through the whole process multiple times already and have accumulated a lot of experience. Your Pokémon GO journey is just beginning.

How To Get Silph Scope In Pokemon Go?

  1. Head to the Pokémon Center in Celadon City. After arriving at the center, talk to the man next to the counter on your left-hand side. He will ask if you want a Silph Scope; answer ‘Yes,’ and he will give you one.
  2. Once you have the Silph Scope, travel to Fuchsia City. Head to the Pokémon Mansion located east of the city. Inside, please make your way through the mansion until you reach a room with four Team Rocket Grunts in it.
  3. Defeat all four Grunts, then talk to Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket, who will be sitting on a chair at the back of the room. He will give you the Silph Scope after speaking to him.
  4. Take the scope back to Lavender Town and travel east from there to Pokémon Tower. Inside, use your Silph Scope to battle ghosts in order to progress through the tower until you reach the final room with a statue of Marowak on it.
  5. Upon entering the room, speak to the ghost of Marowak, who will give you the Silph Scope as a reward for your bravery. Congratulations! You now have the Silph Scope and can traverse through Kanto regions with ease.

Tips For Getting Silph Scope!

  1. As soon as you arrive in the Pokémon Tower, the guards will inform you that they need a Silph Scope to help clear out the Ghost-type Pokémon. To find one, head to Celadon City and enter the Rocket Game Corner. Talk to Team Rocket Grunt at the entrance of the building; he’ll tell you about a secret passageway leading to the Silph Co. building.
  2. After you enter the passageway, you’ll find yourself in a large underground lab filled with Team Rocket Grunts. There are several items and computers scattered throughout, but your goal is to reach the top floor of the building, where the executive office is located. In this room, you’ll find the Silph Scope.
  3. Once you have the Silph Scope, head back to Lavender Town and use it on the Ghost-type Pokémon that are blocking the entrance to the Pokémon Tower. This will allow you to get past them and make your way into the tower. From there, you can continue your journey and eventually become the Champion!
  4. It’s important to remember that the Silph Scope is a valuable and rare item, so you should take extra caution to make sure it doesn’t get lost or damaged. Please keep it in a secure place while you’re traveling around Kanto, and don’t use it unless necessary!
  5. With the Silph Scope in your possession, you can now enter the Pokémon Tower and take on the challenge that awaits you. Good luck, Trainer!
  6. Finally, remember always to stay vigilant and watch out for Team Rocket Grunts; they may try to steal your Silph Scope if they find out you have it! Be sure to keep it safe so you can use it when needed. With the Silph Scope, nothing can stand in your way!


The Silph Scope is one of the most iconic items in the entire game and one of its most challenging to get. While it may not be as useful in the wild as it is in the game, you’ll be glad you got it when you face off against the Raid Bosses. These are the steps for getting silph scope in pokemon go. Get ready for some challenging training!

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