Halloween Shopkins Names: A Spooky And Sweet Collection Of 120 Characters

Halloween Shopkins Names

Shopkins are a popular collectible toy that has taken the world by storm. These cute and colorful characters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with their unique personality and name. With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to explore the spooky and seasonal world of Halloween Shopkins. From Witchy Hat to Dragon’s Wings and Horns, Halloween Shopkins offers a fun and festive way to celebrate this holiday. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 120 Halloween Shopkins names, organized into four categories: Spooky Shopkins, Sweet Shopkins, Miscellaneous Shopkins, and Costume Shopkins. Whether you’re a long-time fan of Shopkins or just discovering them for the first time, there’s sure to be a Halloween Shopkin on this list that will catch your eye. So get ready to explore the world of Halloween Shopkins and discover some new favorites!

List Of Halloween Shopkins Names

Get ready to add some spooky and cute characters to your Shopkins collection! In this list of 20 Halloween Shopkins names, you’ll find a variety of fun and festive characters that capture the spirit of the season.

  1. Spooky Sprinkles
  2. Ghost Toast
  3. Mummy Muffin
  4. Howl-O-Corn
  5. Cursed Cauliflower
  6. Franken-Fruit
  7. Skeleton Key Lime
  8. Boo Berry
  9. Pumpkin Pie
  10. Scaredy Cat Cake
  11. Spidery Spritz
  12. Tombstone Tarts
  13. Witch’s Brew
  14. Bone Appetit
  15. Candy Corny
  16. Spooky Soda
  17. Vampire Vanilla
  18. Haunted Honey
  19. Zombie Zucchini
  20. Phantom Fries
  21. Creepy Cookies
  22. Blood Orange
  23. Bat Wing Brownie
  24. Ghostly Grape
  25. Skeleton Sweets
  26. Scary Caramel
  27. Spider Snack
  28. Franken-Fizz
  29. Witch’s Wand
  30. Ghoulish Grapes
  31. Broomstick Bread
  32. Devilish Donut
  33. Boo-Nana
  34. Trick or Cheese
  35. Skeleton Soup
  36. Monster Marshmallow
  37. Spider Web Waffles
  38. Ghostly Gummies
  39. Wicked Watermelon
  40. Candy Cauldron
  41. Spooky Spinach
  42. Drac-Orange
  43. Witchy Walnut
  44. Vampire Vegetable
  45. Mummy Macaron
  46. Haunted Hamburger
  47. Zombie Zest
  48. Franken-Fudge
  49. Pumpkin Pudding
  50. Skeleton Cinnamon Roll
  51. Scary Salsa
  52. Spider Sourdough
  53. Ghostly Gingerbread
  54. Witch’s Whisk
  55. Ghoulish Gummies
  56. Broomstick Brownie
  57. Devilish Dip
  58. Boo-Nilla
  59. Trick or Toffee
  60. Skeleton Stir Fry

With names like Witchy Hat and Wanda Wafer, these Halloween Shopkins are sure to add some seasonal charm to your toy collection. So why not treat yourself to a few of these cute and spooky characters?

Spooky Shopkins Names

A. Witchy Shopkins

Candice Cauldron

Winnie Witch Hat

Hazel Hex

Broomhilda Broomstick

Sabrina Spellbook

Edith Enchantress

Glenda Glitterwitch

Coven Cake

Samantha Sorceress

Mystique Makeup

B. Monster Shopkins

Frankie Fruitcake

Mummy Mushy

Vlad Vampire

Howlin’ Hamburger

Godzilla Grape

Cyclops Cake

Loch Ness Lemon

Kraken Cupcake

Yeti Yogurt

Sasquatch Snacks

C. Ghostly Shopkins

Boo Berry

Phoebe Phantom

Gigi Ghost

Specter Spaghetti

Casper Cup

Poltergeist Popcorn

Phantom Pie

Ghostly Goo

Spooky Spuds

Apparition Apples

D. Zombie Shopkins

Brainy Bagel

Gory Gummy

Undead Udon

Rotten Raspberry

Zombie Ziti

Macabre Muffin

Decomposed Donut

Infected Ice Cream

Corpse Cake

Dreadful Dumpling

E. Skeleton Shopkins


Bone Broth


Rattlin’ Raspberry

Skeleton Squash

Bone Apple Tea

Skull Smoothie

Boney Baguette


Rib Cage Raisin


From Witchy Shopkins like Candice Cauldron to Skeleton Shopkins like Rib Cage Raisin, these spooky characters are sure to add some Halloween flair to your collection. Whether you’re a fan of witches, monsters, ghosts, zombies, or skeletons, there’s a Shopkin on this list for you!

Sweet Shopkins Names

A. Candy Shopkins

  1. Candi Corn
  2. Sweetie Skelly
  3. Lolly Lips
  4. Gummy Grin
  5. Jelly Jumper
  6. Taffy Teapot
  7. Bubblegum Buddy
  8. Candy Apple Annie
  9. Licorice Louie
  10. Choco Cherry

B. Baked Goods Shopkins

  1. Pumpkin Pie
  2. Spider Sprinkles
  3. Bat Bites
  4. Frightening Fudge
  5. Witchy Whoopie Pie
  6. Ghoulish Gingerbread
  7. Monster Muffin
  8. Spooky S’mores
  9. Boo Brownie
  10. Vampire Vanilla Cake

C. Ice Cream Shopkins

  1. Ghostly Gelato
  2. Boo-ti Fruiti
  3. Spooky Sundae
  4. Witchy Waffle Cone
  5. Mummy Mint Chip
  6. Vampire Vanilla Bean
  7. Frankenstein Fudge Swirl
  8. Ghoulish Grape Sorbet
  9. Skeleton Sherbet
  10. Candy Corn Cream

Miscellaneous Shopkins Names

A. Decorations Shopkins

Spooky Spider

Haunted House


Batty Bunting

Ghostly Garland

Witchy Wreath

Skeleton Streamers

Spider Web String Lights

Boo-tiful Balloons

Monster Mash Banner

B. Costumes Shopkins

Frightening Frankenstein

Wicked Witch

Dracula Dress

Ghostly Ghost

Spooky Skeleton

Vampire Vest

Mummy Mask

Zombie Zipper

Werewolf Wig

Witch Hat and Broomstick

C. Trick or Treat Shopkins

Candy Collector

Treat Bag

Spooky Sticker Sheet

Pumpkin Pail

Ghoulish Glow Bracelet

Vampire Teeth

Witch’s Wand

Skeleton Key

Mummy Money

Ghostly Gumballs

Costume Shopkins Names

1. Fangtastic Frock 11. Frankenstein’s Formalwear 21. Clown’s Wig and Outfit
2. Pumpkin Patch 12. Werewolf Wig and Outfit 22. Doctor’s Coat and Stethoscope
3. Spooky Suit 13. Ghoulish Ghost Costume 23. Police Officer’s Badge and Hat
4. Witchy Wardrobe 14. Witch Hat and Broomstick 24. Chef’s Hat and Apron
5. Batwing Bowtie 15. Trick or Treater Outfit 25. Ballerina’s Tutu and Tiara
6. Ghostly Gown 16. Superhero Cape and Mask 26. Mermaid’s Tail and Seashell Bra
7. Skeleton Suit 17. Pirate’s Eye Patch and Hat 27. Ninja’s Mask and Sword
8. Mummy Mask and Cape 18. Knight’s Helmet and Armor 28. Robot’s Helmet and Circuit Board Chest Plate
9. Zombie Zipper Suit 19. Princess Crown and Gown 29. Alien’s Antennae and Spacesuit
10. Vampire Vest and Cape 20. Cowboy Hat and Boots 30. Dragon’s Wings and Horns


From Witchy Hat to Dragon’s Wings and Horns, these Halloween Shopkins names are sure to delight collectors and Halloween enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re a fan of spooky characters, sweet treats, or imaginative costumes, there’s a Shopkin on this list for you.

Halloween is a time of year when people of all ages can let their imaginations run wild and have fun with dress-up, decorations, and treats. Halloween-themed Shopkins offer a unique way to get into the spirit of the season, with their adorable designs, creative names, and seasonal flair. Whether you’re looking to add some Halloween fun to your toy collection or simply enjoy the whimsy of these cute characters, Halloween Shopkins are a great way to celebrate this fun and festive holiday.

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