How Did Kaneki Become Haise?

How Did Kaneki Become Haise

When Tokyo Ghoul ended after its final 25th episode, there was a sense of loss. While many anime leave you with unanswered questions and loose ends, the ending of Tokyo Ghoul sated fans in every way. But among all the saturating satisfaction, there was one query left unaddressed. How did Kaneki become Haise? The importance of this question is not just limited to the story itself but also to its impact on the viewer. The ending left us confused as to how Haise came into being and why he made certain decisions later in life that led him down this path. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any official explanation from either party on how exactly it happened yet and what prompted it; until now – that is! We’ll be tackling some pretty heavy spoilers for the series here so if you’re not caught up yet then we recommend finishing off before reading on any further!

How Did Kaneki Become Haise?

Kaneki Becomes A Ghoul

The first step to Kaneki becoming Haise is Kaneki becoming a ghoul. This might seem obvious, but it is the first step that Kaneki took on his path to becoming Haise. To understand how this happened, we need to go back to the beginning of the series and see what transpired there. In the first episode of the anime, Kaneki is seen going out with his coworkers to attend the GHQ’s “Ending Festival”, an event celebrating the end of the war between humans and ghouls. During this event, Kaneki is given a special drink called “Rc cells” which is supposed to make him stronger.

Kaneki Is Tortured By Yamori & The Aogiri Tree

After having been given the drink that turns him into a ghoul, Kaneki returns home and is ambushed by a group of ghouls who are hired by the CCG to hunt down and capture him. After a long and brutal fight, Kaneki ends up being captured by the CCG. Here, he is tortured and experimented on by Yoshimura and Dr. Kagami. They try to feed him the Rc cells, again and again, to see if it would give him the special ghoul powers. However, it does not work for him because he is already a ghoul. After being tortured for a long time, Kaneki is rescued by Ukina who works for the Aogiri Tree, an organization that consists of ghouls who fight for their own rights against the CCG. She saves Kaneki from being killed by the CCG and takes him to Aogiri Tree’s headquarters.

Kaneki Becomes Ayato And Touka’s “Food”

At Aogiri Tree’s headquarters, Ayato and Touka, the two siblings who are in charge of the organization, decide that Kaneki should become the “food” for their comrades. This means that Kaneki is now their food supply: they feed on his flesh and blood to sustain themselves. Ayato and Touka use Kaneki to feed themselves, as they are blind and cannot hunt or do any work. Kaneki is also blindfolded at this time and so he cannot see Ayato and Touka. He is also not allowed to talk so that he does not try to find Ayato and Touka and attack them.

Kaneki Becomes Haise Sasaki For The Benefit Of The CCG

During his time with Aogiri Tree, Kaneki is approached by a person named “Kaizen.” Kaizen is an agent of the CCG who calls himself “the man with the bad eyesight.” He tells Kaneki that he looks exactly like a person named Haise Sasaki, a person who was working as a “King” in the CCG and who was the reason behind many victories attained by the CCG. Kaizen then tells Kaneki that he needs to become Haise Sasaki to save the CCG from being destroyed by the Aogiri Tree. If Kaneki does not do this, the CCG will kill him as well. At first, Kaneki refuses to do this because he does not want to be forced into becoming a person who does not even exist. However, after being tortured again by Kuzen and the CCG, he finally agrees to do it.

Kaneki Becomes Haise Sasaki To Protect His Friends

While Kaneki is pretending to be Haise Sasaki, he learns a lot about the real Haise and his past. He learns that Haise was a very kind and loving person who sacrificed his life so that other humans and ghouls could coexist. Kaneki also learns that Haise had a goal to meet someone who was very important to him. When Kaneki meets Touka, the love of Haise’s life, he realizes that he cannot continue to pretend to be Haise. He falls in love with Touka and does not want her to suffer because of him. Therefore, he begins pretending to be Kaneki again. He does this so that he does not hurt Touka and so that Aogiri Tree does not get hurt as well.

Kanga Becomes Haise Sasaki To Live Out His Dead Friend’s Hope

After Kaneki decides to stop being Haise, he is once again captured by the CCG. While he is being tortured and experimented on, he begins to hallucinate about his friend Hide who is also being tortured and killed by the CCG. That’s when Kaneki realizes that Hide is actually not there. However, he has seen enough people die for him to know how it feels. And he also realizes that Hide is not given the chance to fight back against his tormentors. That’s when Kaneki decides to become Haise Sasaki once again. He accepts his friend’s dream and hopes that one day, ghouls and humans would live together without fear and hatred.

Kaneki Finally Realizes That He Has Become Haise Sasaki

After deciding to protect Aogiri Tree and his friends, Kaneki starts fighting against the CCG. After a long, brutal battle, Kaneki’s wounds become so serious that he is about to die. At this time, Kaneki finally accepts that he is Haise Sasaki. He accepts his fate and accepts that he is about to die. And that’s when he hears a voice from inside his head: it tells him that he is not alone. He realizes that his friend Hide is with him and that Hide’s voice is the voice he is hearing. Then, the CCG throws a huge bomb toward Kaneki and Aogiri Tree. Kaneki is about to be killed in the explosion so he decides to take everyone inside his head because there is no way for him to save them. That’s when his friends finally come to him and he gets to see Hide once again. With their help, Kaneki is able to survive the explosion and return to being Kaneki.

Why Did Kaneki Decide To Join Aogiri?

  1. Kaneki decided to join Aogiri Tree because he realized that he had become a ghoul. He was not just Kaneki anymore. He had become Haise Sasaki and he could no longer pretend to be human.
  2. Kaneki decided to join Aogiri Tree because of the torture and experimentation that the CCG did on him. He wanted to see if his friends from Anteiku would be able to survive the torture and survive in their current form. And he wanted them to be able to live peacefully with humans and ghouls together without fear or hatred.
  3. Kaneki decided to join Aogiri Tree because he wanted to save his friends from the CCG. He wanted them to be able to live in a world where they could live peacefully with humans and ghouls together without fear or hatred.


From the way Kaneki died, to how he joined Aogiri Tree, and why he decided to become Haise, there is a lot of information that needs to be explained. The Kaneki that ended the series was very different from the Kaneki we knew from the beginning. Kaneki was a very kind and compassionate person who did everything for the people that he loved. He was a selfless person who would do anything for his loved ones. As Haise, he was a very different person. He became someone who was very strict, used his power to his advantage, and was consumed by regret. There is a reason behind every decision that Kaneki made and every path he walked. The Kaneki we know now is not an entirely different person; he is Kaneki, just a more experienced and wiser Kaneki who is willing to make sacrifices in order to move on.


Q: Why did Kaneki decide to become a ghoul?

A: I think it was because he realized that he had become a ghoul. He was not just Kaneki anymore. He had become Haise Sasaki and he could no longer pretend to be human.

Q: How did Kaneki survive the explosion that killed so many of his friends?

A: I think it was because of his transformation into Haise Sasaki. His body became stronger, his senses were heightened, and his brain was able to process information faster than normal. It also helped that there were others inside his head with him at the time like Hiding and Amon. This is also why Kaneki was able to feel the pain of his friends dying inside of him.

Q: Why did Kaneki become a ghoul?

A: I think it was because he realized that he had become a ghoul. He was not just Kaneki anymore. He had become Haise Sasaki and he could no longer pretend to be human.