How Do Psychopaths Treat Their Family

How Do Psychopaths Treat Their Family

When we hear about psychopaths, our minds go straight to scary movies. These are the villains who care nothing for others and use manipulation to get what they want – whether that’s money, power, or something else. They are cold-blooded and manipulative. But what about real life? How do psychopaths treat their families? Are they simply not interested in them or is there more to it than that? Let’s look at the facts and see what we can learn.

How Do Psychopaths Treat Their Family?

  1. They don’t. Psychopaths don’t treat the people they love. In fact, almost never do they show affection for those closest to them, and if they do, it’s usually only out of a sense of obligation.
  2. They wish their family dead. Not all psychopaths are sadistic in their treatment of their loved ones, but that doesn’t mean they’re not cold and heartless toward them. When psychopaths are away from home, they often think about how much better off everyone would be if the family were no longer around to interfere with their lives.
  3. They’ll kill anyone who threatens them or stands in the way of what they want to do with their lives (usually money). Not only will the psychopath kill his or her own mother or father if needs be, but he or she will also go on a killing spree in order to eliminate anyone who has stood in his or her way before getting to where he or she wants to be (usually money).
  4. They’re untrustworthy. Psychopaths are untrustworthy and will not hesitate to lie, cheat, steal or deceive others in order to get what they want.
  5. They’re manipulative. They know how to push people’s buttons and will use their natural charm and ability to manipulate others for their own advantage.
  6. They love their mothers but hate them at the same time. While psychopaths may love their mothers very deeply, they often grow up hating them for the way they treated them when he or she was growing up (usually abuse).
  7. They make the best criminals out of criminals because they are so good at it themselves. Psychopaths are extremely good at acting as if they have no conscience, which makes them excellent at committing crimes (especially murder).
  8. They see money as a solution to all problems in life and will do anything to earn more money (even if it means killing someone). Psychopaths love money and will do anything to get more of it, even if it means killing someone in the process.
  9. They don’t care about anyone but themselves. Psychopaths care about themselves and their own needs, which usually means they’ll only be concerned with what the psychopath thinks is best for him or them.
  10. They have no conscience whatsoever. Psychopaths have no conscience whatsoever, which makes them very dangerous criminals because they don’t feel guilty or remorseful for any of their actions (especially murder).

What Is A Psychopath?

There is no official medical diagnosis of a psychopath, but the term is sometimes used to describe people who are suffering from a mental disorder. Psychopaths are people who exhibit anti-social behavior such as a lack of empathy or remorse, impulsive behavior, a compulsion to break the law, and a lack of meaningful relationships. If a person is diagnosed with psychopathy, they or will almost certainly spend the rest of their life in prison. Very few ever get out.

Why would psychopaths behave this way?

  • Psychopaths don’t feel much of anything. They have no empathy or remorse. They will hurt their families or other people for the sheer fun of it.
  • Psychopaths are often lonely people, so they want the attention of their family but they don’t want to be a part of it. They would rather be on their own and spend time with other psychopaths than be around those who are not like them.
  • Psychopaths don’t want to listen to anyone else because they will not accept anything but what they believe is true and that is always going to be what they believe is true regardless of what anyone else believes or says.
  • They have no fear of punishment because they know that no one can get them in trouble and that is why they will do whatever it takes to get away with something whether it is illegal or not because no one can ever prove that any crime was committed by them unless there are witnesses.
  • When they do get caught, they will get off on a technicality or by blaming someone else for their crime.
  • They have no respect for anyone else in the family and will do whatever is necessary to make sure that no one else is ever happy in the family.
  • Psychopaths are often very jealous people who will do anything to keep everyone at each other’s throats and fight with each other.
  • Psychopaths will do everything in their power to make sure that the family is always in debt. They will spend money with each other. They want everyone to be miserable so that they can be the only ones happy in their lives because they are the only ones who matter to them.
  • Psychopaths hate being told what to do because they feel as though it makes them look like fools and weaklings who need help, guidance, or direction from someone else because they know everything and know what should be done and so they don’t need anyone telling them what needs to be done or how to do anything if it is not something that falls under their definition of what they believe it should be done.
  • Psychopaths are not very good at dealing with problems and so they will often ignore them and try to find a way to make it go away. They do not want to deal with the real problem because if they did, then they would have to admit that something is wrong or that there is something that needs to be fixed in their life and then there would be no way for them to get out of the situation without having to change some part of themselves.
  • Psychopaths are very good at hiding their true selves from others because they know that people can see right through them and that is why when you look into a psychopath’s eyes you will see nothing but emptiness and lies.
  • Psychopaths don’t feel responsible for anything because they know that no one can get them in trouble even if they do something wrong because no one can prove it was done by them unless there are witnesses, which psychopaths are not very good at finding.
  • Psychopaths never feel guilty about anything that they do because they know that no one can prove them wrong and so they will do whatever they want to do without worrying about the consequences and without having to worry about if it is right or wrong.


In order to protect yourself, you must be aware of the signs of a psychopath and understand how they think and what they want. You must be able to recognize the signs of a psychopath because they can be extremely persistent and they will not give up until they get what they want. It is important to remember that they have no interest in you as a person and they have no emotions toward you. They will use any means necessary to get what they want and they don’t care who gets hurt in the process. If you feel that you are being manipulated by someone, remind yourself that it is not personal. It has nothing to do with you. Instead, it is about the other person’s needs and desires.

Barbara Botts
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