How To Follow Someone On Amazon

How To Follow Someone On Amazon

There is a lot to learn about using Amazon as an affiliate. It’s a large and complicated website with many opportunities for users to get confused. That’s why we have this blog. We hope these tips help you use the site more effectively and begin earning commissions from it sooner rather than later. That said, one of the most confusing aspects of working with Amazon as an affiliate is how to follow someone on Amazon. The site has a complex system of tracking users that associate themselves with products through their unique IDs, which are called “account IDs” or “associate IDs.” How do you find someone else’s account ID so that you can link directly to their page and start promoting their products? Keep reading to learn all you need to know about following someone on Amazon.

How To Follow Someone On Amazon? 

1. Amazon Follow Button

If you’re logged in to your Amazon account, the easiest way to follow someone on Amazon is to use the Follow button. This is located in the top right corner of the Amazon website. It can also be found in the mobile app, but not in the Alexa app. If you use the Follow button, your purchases will be visible to the other person. If you choose to make them visible, then you don’t need to do anything else—otherwise, you can make your purchases private by clicking on the “Notify me when items arrive” box.

2. Via Your Browser

If you don’t use the Follow button, the next step is to visit the person’s Amazon profile. You can do this in your browser. The URL will be something like this: Replace YOUR-USER-ID and YOUR-AUTH-TOKEN with the other person’s Amazon login details. Once you are logged in as them, you will be able to see what they’ve purchased and receive notifications about new purchases. However, you won’t be able to leave reviews, nor will you be able to receive notifications about anything that you purchase. If you want to leave reviews, you will need to log in with your own account.

3. Via Android

If you want to follow someone using an Android device, you can do so via the Amazon Shopping app. Once you have logged in, click on the menu icon in the top-left corner and select “Following.” You can then select the person you want to follow. If you have an Alexa device, you can find the “Following” feature in the Alexa app. Click on “Following” and you’ll see a list of everyone you’re currently following. Select the person you want to follow and, if they accept, they will appear in your “Following” list.

4. Via iOS

To follow someone on an iOS device, log in to your Amazon account and, in the “Account” section, select “Manage Following.” You’ll be presented with a list of people whom you are currently following. If you want to remove someone from this list, select the “X” icon next to their name. You can then select the “Add Following” button to follow someone new.

5. Through Amazon Mercy

If you want to follow a person’s Amazon account, but don’t know their login details, the Amazon Mercy app can help. This is a third-party app that lets you browse Amazon as if you were logged out. Once you have installed the app and logged in, click on the “Following” option in the menu. You’ll be presented with a list of people who have items for sale on Amazon. Select the person you want to follow, and you will be able to see all their purchases, but they won’t be able to see yours.

How To Find Someone’s Account ID? 

  • As we’ve talked about, when you associate your Amazon account with another user’s, you are doing a “follow” that allows you to track the progress they’ve made and the money they’ve made. 
  • This means you need their account ID to start following them. If you want to do the same for them, they will need your account ID in order to accept the following request. 
  • The simplest way to find someone’s account ID is to look at their Amazon Associates profile. You can do this by visiting and entering their URL or name. Alternatively, you can search for the user’s name on Amazon with the “Associates” filter turned on. 
  • This will show you their profile and their account ID. Once you have their account ID, you can follow them.

Why Does It Matter?

  1. Once you get their account ID, you can use it to follow them. This will allow you to track their progress on your own Amazon Associates profile. You can also use it to link directly to their products and products that they’ve reviewed.
  2. You can follow someone by visiting and entering the person’s account ID in the box provided, then clicking “Continue.” 
  3. Alternatively, you can go to and click “Add a New User,” then enter their account ID in the box provided and click “Continue.” Finally, if you want to add them as your own affiliate (which means they will be promoting your products) but don’t have an account
  4. The following process is the first step to effectively working with other affiliates. If you want to make more sales, you need to promote the products that are selling well on Amazon. 
  5. One way to do this is to find the products that are already popular and recommend them to your audience. The best way to do that is to find the most effective sellers on Amazon. When you follow someone, you are taking ownership of their product page on Amazon. 
  6. You can use the page to promote that product and suggest it to your audience. You can also use the page to link directly to the product and generate sales directly from your site.
  7.  In order to do this effectively, you need to know which product page you’re promoting. That’s much easier when you know their account ID. You need to make sure that you are following the correct account. If you follow the wrong account, it creates confusion and makes it harder to track sales and follow up with your affiliate manager.

How To Find An Amazon Associates ID Using A Web Browser?

  • If you’re looking up an account ID on another user’s profile, you can use the browser search bar to find their account ID. For Chrome users: Select “chrome://net-internals/#sockets” from the address bar. 
  • From here, you can search for “ec2”. This will show you all the Amazon-owned IP addresses. Find the one that has “” next to it, and you’ll find their account ID. For Firefox users: Select “about networking” from the address bar. 
  • This will show you a list of all the IP addresses owned by Amazon. You can search for “” to find an ID. For Internet Explorer users: Select “Tools” from the address bar and “Internet Options”.
  •  From here, select the “ LAN ” tab and refresh the page. You should see the Amazon IP addresses. You can then search for “” and find an ID.

How To Find An Amazon Associates ID Using The Amazon Associates Ios/Android App? 

  1. If you want to use the app to find account IDs, you can do so by going to “Affiliate Networks” in the navigation bar, selecting “Account IDs”, and then selecting the person whose account ID you want to find. 
  2. Select “Show ID” and an overlay will appear with their account ID. Alternatively, if you want to find your own account ID, select “My Account” and then “Account ID”. 
  3. Select “Show ID” and the app will show your account ID.


Following someone on Amazon allows you to easily track their progress as an affiliate. You can see what products they are promoting, how much money they have made, and if they have been prompt in sending you your commission. The easier it is for you to track their progress, the better you can ensure that you get paid for your sales. You can follow someone by looking up their account ID and entering it on your “Associates” page. Alternatively, you can find their account ID on their Amazon Associates profile. You can also find someone’s account ID through the browser or app.

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