How To Shrink A Polyester Shirt: The Easy Way

How To Shrink A Polyester

Hard to believe, but in this digital age, most of us still prefer the feel and smell of real clothes, and not just as a last resort. People look forward to getting dressed in their favorite outfits every day. Whether it’s for work, a night out with friends, or a special occasion, we love putting on our favorite outfits. If you are one of those people who love the feel and smell of your clothes, then you probably own lots of them. Check out these tips on how to shrink a polyester shirt the easy way

How To Shrink A Polyester Shirt?

Bleach your polyester shirt

Bleaching a polyester shirt is a great way to shrink it. But you have to be careful with this method because you can accidentally ruin the shirt. Be sure to read the fabric-care instructions carefully. Bleach is a chemical that breaks down the fibers in the shirt, shrinking it. Be sure to use the right amount of bleach for the fabric you’re shrinking. You can start with a low amount and adjust upward if needed. Use a bleach that has no added chemicals, like Clorox Classic. Any bleach with added chemicals is not appropriate for shrinking clothes. Bleach can also be used to remove stains on polyester fabric.

Steam it

If you have a fabric steamer, you can shrink your polyester shirt by putting it inside a plastic bag and then running the steamer over it. The heat from the steamer will shrink the shirt. This method is handy for shrinking large garments like curtains or tablecloths. You can also shrink a polyester shirt with a fabric steamer. If you’re shrinking a shirt that has buttons, you’ll still have to unbutton them before shrinking. Stuff the shirt into a plastic bag and run the steamer over the fabric. Be careful not to put the steamer too close to the fabric or you might burn the shirt.

Use a fabric steamer

Another option is to use a fabric steamer. You can buy a fabric steamer, or you can use the handheld steamers for hair. These handheld steamers are not as powerful as the ones for hair, but they are enough to shrink a shirt. You can also use a fabric steamer for other fabric care tasks, like removing wrinkles.

Lay it flat to dry

Shrink your polyester shirt by laying it flat to dry. Regularly setting your polyester clothing out to dry instead of using the drier shrinks it over time. Over weeks of regular wear, your polyester clothes will shrink. To speed up the process, hang your polyester shirt while it’s still wet after washing it. This will help the fabric dry faster, shrinking the shirt sooner.

Turn up the heat with an iron

You can also use your iron to shrink a polyester shirt. Be careful with this method, since irons get very hot and some fabrics can melt if they’re too close to the iron’s surface. Iron your polyester shirt. Then press it between two thick books and put a heavy object on top of the books to keep the shirt pressed. Let it cool down before you wear it again.

Why Shrink Polyester Shirts?

It’s cheap and easy to work with.

One of the main reasons to use polyester is the cost. It’s the most inexpensive fabric type you can use to make a top or t-shirt. You’ll find that the cost per t-shirt is easier on your wallet than cotton or other fabrics. While design and pattern placement is extremely important, you have to keep in mind that the material you use will greatly affect your profit margin. If you’re making a few t-shirts for your business, then you need to make sure that you have the right materials to make them. Polyester is the most affordable fabric type and is also very easy to work with. You can easily cut it with a pair of scissors, and you don’t need special equipment to sew it. Polyester is also fairly easy to clean and doesn’t need to be dry cleaned.

Polyester retains its shape well.

Another reason that brands tend to use shrink polyesters is the way it retains their shape. Because of its synthetic nature, shrink polyester shirts don’t lose their shape as easily as other kinds of fabric. Other materials, like cotton, will stretch out over time with washing and wearing. They also wrinkle much easier than polyester shirts. If you’re designing a clothing brand or making t-shirts for your business, you have to think about the longevity of the product. What will happen in 5 or 10 years’ time, when your t-shirts are still being worn by customers? Will they be as fresh and vibrant as they are now? While cotton t-shirts will probably still be wearable, they won’t be in their original shape. Because polyester fabric retains its shape well, your t-shirts will still look great years from now.

Polyester is durable and can be machine washed.

Another reason that brands use shrink polyester shirts is their durability. While all types of fabrics will last for a specific amount of time, polyester is a very durable fabric that can be machine washed. This is a great feature for t-shirts, especially for the type of businesses that offer them as a customer-service product. For example, if you run a food truck, you probably want to offer your customers t-shirts as a keepsake. Polyester t-shirts are durable enough to withstand being washed in a commercial machine. Customers can wear these t-shirts while they’re eating, and then wash them again when they get home.

Shrink polyester shirts are ultra-soft once they’re washed.

Another thing that brands love about shrink polyesters is that they become ultra-soft once they’re washed. Because of the synthetic material, they are much softer than cotton t-shirts. This is great news if you’re designing a t-shirt and want your customers to have a soft garment that feels comfy to wear. With other fabrics, like cotton, t-shirts often end up stiff and scratchy. While you can buy softer cotton t-shirts, it’s not something that you can control. With shrink polyester shirts, you know that once they’re washed, they’re going to be ultra-soft. This is a huge advantage for your customers. They’re going to want to keep coming back for more t-shirts.

Consumers love the feeling of shrink polyester.

Another reason that brands use shrink polyesters is that they’re extremely comfortable to wear. Consumers love the feeling of shrink polyesters. It’s easy to see why. When you’re designing a t-shirt, you’re dealing with two very important things: design and material. If you’re using a soft and comfortable material, your customers are going to love wearing it. Not only is it soft and comfortable to wear, but it’s also easy to care for. Polyester is easy to clean, it doesn’t wrinkle, and it doesn’t stretch out as cotton t-shirts do. All of these factors make shrink polyesters a great choice for commercial clothing.

Tips To Remember

  • Synthetic fabrics should be shrunk when they are still new or when they have become too loose for comfort. While natural fibers like cotton can be shrunk by ironing them with a warm iron, synthetic fabrics require a different type of shrinkage. 
  • If you need to shrink synthetic fabrics, you can do so by washing them in warm or hot water, putting them in the dryer, or by exposing them to direct sunlight. Remember to check the care instructions on synthetic fabrics first before trying to shrink them.
  •  Shrinking synthetic fabrics will cause them to stretch less, so they will be more likely to develop holes and tears. This is particularly true of socks, which are often made of synthetic materials. 
  •  If you shrink synthetic fabrics, they will become less absorbent. This is particularly true of fabrics like nylon. This can make them unsuitable for use in items like towels. – Shrinking synthetic fabrics will reduce their lifespan. This means that synthetic fabrics like nylon that are already relatively short-lived will have shorter lifespans once shrunk.


If you have ever had any doubts about whether you can shrink synthetic materials, rest assured that you can. The trick is to pick the right method of shrinkage. We have listed a few below that should cover most situations. However, due to the nature of synthetic fabrics, shrinking them will reduce their lifespan.