Why Do They Cover The Legs In A Casket?

Why Do They Cover The Legs In A Casket

‍There is so much thought and preparation that goes into the burial of a loved one. It’s a sensitive time, which is why there are so many traditions surrounding death and burial. There are so many things to take into account when it comes to preparing a body for its final resting place. There are so many things to think about, and fortunately, most people have a plan in place or at least some word of what will happen after they pass. Because of this, you may be wondering why caskets have legs in them. Read on to learn more about this odd practice. If you’ve ever been to an open casket funeral, you probably noticed that the legs were covered with fabric as opposed to being left exposed as with most other caskets. Why is that? Well, read on for more information about why they cover the legs in a casket after someone dies.

Why Do They Cover The Legs In A Casket?

There are a few reasons why people cover the legs in a casket. One reason is for modesty. If the person who has passed away is wearing a dress or skirt, the family may want to make sure the legs are covered so that the clothing is not revealing. Another reason is for comfort. If the family knows that the person who has passed away would not want their legs to be seen, they may cover them up as a way of providing some measure of comfort. Finally, some people believe that it is simply more respectful to cover the legs in a casket.

How Are Legs Decorated During Funerals?

Decoration As a Symbol of Resurrection

This is the most common reason why caskets have legs, and also the most important one. Caskets are used to symbolize resurrection after death, and this is done by covering the legs. This symbolizes how we were all born from God, and that we will be raised from our death to live again in eternity. It also tells people that their loved ones will always be with them in spirit because they were always with them in life. They will always be with you because they are never really gone and they never really die.

To Preserve Body From Decomposition

Body decomposition is something that usually happens fairly quickly after someone dies. This can happen because of an improper burial or due to environmental factors like extreme heat or cold weather conditions. The body starts to decay fairly quickly, and it can even start when you are still alive if you do not have proper care for your body while it’s still alive. Obviously, if the body is left exposed it will begin to decompose before anyone has a chance to bury it properly, which could lead to some unfortunate circumstances for everyone involved if things go wrong during the funeral process, for example, covering up the legs helps prevent this from happening as much as possible.

A Symbol of Protection

Another reason why caskets have legs is because of the protection offered by them during burials. Caskets provide a protective layer over top of the deceased person’s body, and this helps to prevent people from touching the dead body or otherwise disturbing it. This can be a good thing for the living family members who are grieving, but it also helps protect the burial site from being disturbed by vandals and other people who may wish to do harm to it.

To Show Respect

Last but not least, some people believe that covering legs in caskets is a way of showing respect for their loved ones after they have died. Since many caskets have legs covered in fabric, they believe that covering the legs is a way of showing respect for those who are buried in them because they were once alive and now they are dead and buried.

The Traditions Behind It

To prevent the legs from being stolen

When someone passes away, it’s not uncommon for people to want to take their legs or feet with them. According to some traditions, it was believed that if you left the body with its legs exposed, it would be stolen. This is a very old practice, and many cultures have been performing this since ancient times. In some cases, it was believed that if you had your legs removed as a sign of mourning and respect, they would be preserved in a special place and not stolen by others who wished to steal them.

To prevent the body from being swiped

The next reason why caskets have legs is that there was once a belief that if the body were without feet or legs at all, it could be stolen by other people who wanted the dead person’s bones for use in witchcraft practices. People thought that removing any part of the body meant removing all of it – so this is why many cultures had people bury their dead with their feet in order to make sure that no part of their bodies was removed from anywhere near their graves.

To keep loved ones close

There are many reasons why people cover the legs in a casket and one of them is because they believe that keeping the deceased close means keeping loved ones close as well. It’s believed by some cultures that you should keep your loved ones close when they pass away so they can still feel your presence around them even after they have passed.

To not let the body be stolen

There is another reason why the legs are covered in some caskets, and that’s because it’s believed that if the dead person’s legs were exposed, they would be stolen. Not only were they thought to be valuable because of their use in witchcraft practices, but they were also thought to be valuable for some other reason as well – one of these reasons was because they were a sign of wealth to a person who wanted to steal your dead relative’s body parts for their own use.

To prevent the body from rotting away

Another reason why people cover the legs in caskets is that it’s believed that if you left them exposed, they would rot away over time and eventually disappear altogether. This is not uncommon among cultures all around the world as many people believe that if you left your loved one’s legs exposed, it would mean that you forgot about them and did not care about them anymore – which would mean that your loved ones eventually wouldn’t be around anymore.

Is There A Meaning Behind Covers On Casket Legs?

Leg Coverings Protect the Body From Insects

When a dead body is lowered into the ground, it’s covered by soil. The soil protects the body from insects and other animals that could come across it. This process happens whether the person was embalmed or not. In order to prevent the body from being attacked by insects, people have covered them in fabric.

Leg Coverings Prevent Injuries

The legs of a casket are often left uncovered because they are considered to be dangerous places for human feet to be in contact with the ground. If you’ve ever been at a funeral for someone who died, you know that when those who are attending leave after closing the casket lid, there is an open space between their legs and the ground where they can trip or fall on their way out of the church or cemetery. To prevent this from happening, people often cover up those parts of a casket where feet would normally be placed as they lower it into its final resting place.

Leg Coverings Prevent Damage to a Casket’s Paintwork

When someone dies, their family is concerned about how their loved one will look when they put them in their final resting place after his or her funeral service has concluded. If there were any paintwork on the inside of a casket when it was closed after death, it would probably get damaged during burial because of contact with dirt and debris underneath it as well as other parts of the casket. In order to prevent this from happening, people often cover up the legs of a casket with fabric.


When it comes to covering the legs in a casket, the reasons are simple: It’s a respectful gesture that keeps the casket looking neat. When dealing with death, it is important to keep calm and respectful, and covering the legs is a way to do that. If you are planning a funeral for a loved one, make sure to keep these tips in mind. Remember, there is no wrong way to dress the casket. You can use any tokens that you want to decorate the legs, as long as it is done respectfully.