How To Start A Conversation With A Girl On Instagram: A Step-By-Step Guide

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl On Instagram

Today we live in a world dominated by social media. With over 2 billion users in 2017 alone, it’s no wonder why social media is booming as much as it is. From Instagram to Snapchat, there are so many different platforms that offer users unique ways to share and connect with one another. And while these apps are great for helping you stay in touch with friends and family, they can also be somewhat challenging when trying to meet new people or find love. That being said, if you’re on the hunt for someone special but aren’t sure how to get the ball rolling—consider giving Instagram a try. After all, there are plenty of eligible ladies on this platform! In this blog post, we’ll discuss why so many men love Instagram for dating and give you some helpful tips on how to start conversations with girls on Instagram that lead somewhere special.

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl On Instagram

1. Start with a quick selfie

If you want to start a conversation with a girl on Instagram, the best way to do so is by taking her a selfie. A selfie is a great way to begin building rapport. When you send her your photo, it will show her that you’re interested in getting to know more about her and that you’re willing to put in some effort.

2. Don’t be too aggressive

While it might seem like the best way to start conversations with girls on Instagram is by sending them photos of your most recent shirtless workout or shirtless selfies, these approaches can be off-putting if they come across as too aggressive or inappropriate. The first time someone sends you an unsolicited photo of their bare chest or bare legs will likely be an uncomfortable experience for both of you! And while you might not have any ill intentions, it can make the other person feel uncomfortable and may even make them feel pressured into sending you a photo of their chest or legs. So, instead of sending unsolicited photos of your bare chest or legs, try sending a selfie. You can take one yourself or use the one that’s already on your profile.

3. Be nice and friendly

When you’re starting conversations with a girl on Instagram, it’s important to be nice and friendly to her. If you send her a simple compliment or thank her for liking one of your photos, she’ll feel flattered and more likely to reciprocate by responding with a like or comment! If you like someone’s photo, comment on it by saying something like “Hey! Great picture!” or “This looks amazing. I love the background in this photo!” She may even reply and give you some feedback about the picture, which is another great way to start a conversation with someone on Instagram!

3. Send a message

If you want to get someone to open up and start a conversation with you on Instagram, then it’s best to send them a message first. Sending the other person a message will give them the opportunity to respond and possibly initiate contact with you. And if she does respond, there’s no harm in asking her for her number. It’s perfectly normal for people to ask others for their numbers after exchanging messages! So if you want to start a conversation with a girl on Instagram, then sending her some messages is your best bet! chest, consider sending her a selfie of you holding your phone with a smile on your face. This will give the other person a chance to see you as a more approachable, approachable guy and will help the conversation flow naturally.

Why So Many Men Love Instagram For Dating

1. Instagram’s Share Feature

The best part about Instagram is that everyone can be a photographer! Instagram is a great way to share photos and videos with your friends, family, and loved ones. You can even go as far as to share photos and videos with complete strangers. When you’re looking for someone special, it’s important to share the right kind of content on social media in order to attract their attention. The more shares you get from the right people, the more likely they are to notice you—and this is where Instagram comes in handy! You can easily post photos and videos of your interests (whether they be hobbies or things that interest you) so that new followers see these things every day. This will make them curious enough to want to meet you in person.

2. Instagram’s Geotagging Feature

Another great thing about Instagram is its geotagging feature. This allows users to add their location information to each photo and video they share. This is perfect for users who want to attract attention in the right places. For example, if you’re looking for someone special in Los Angeles, it’s perfect to share photos of things that are happening there so that your followers can see your location and interact with you there!

3. Instagram’s Hashtag Feature

The last great thing about Instagram is its hashtag feature. This allows users to create hashtags that they can use to post photos and videos of specific interests or hobbies. This makes it easy for your fans or followers to find you when they search for certain hashtags on the app. This also gives them a chance to discover new content on the app and interact with you as a result. The more hashtags you have, the more likely people will find you and get curious about meeting you in person!

4. Instagram’s Mute Feature

Another great thing about Instagram is its mute feature form. If you’re looking to meet someone new, being able to find them based on their location is a great way to do so!

Bonus Tip!

1. Add a Hashtag

When you add a hashtag to your Instagram post, it will appear in the caption of your photo. This allows other Instagram users to filter their posts based on specific hashtags that may interest them. As a result, you’ll be able to easily find and follow people who share similar interests.

2. Add an Image

Besides adding a hashtag to your caption, you can also include an image with each of your posts. Not only will this make it easier for other users to find you and follow you back, but it can also help boost engagement rates. If you have a profile picture featuring yourself or someone else, this is the perfect opportunity to use it! And if the photo is more of an art piece than just plain stuffy headshots, by all means, feel free to add it in! The key here is that whatever you decide on using as an image should be something that will get others interested in following or liking your account because it’ll be a great way to get them interested in you.

3. Follow Others

Once you have your Instagram profile set up, the next step is to actually start following and liking other users. This will help you start building a network of people who are interested in the same things as you, which will help make it easier for you to find someone special. To follow someone on Instagram, simply click the “Follow” button located at the bottom of their profile picture and then add them as a friend by clicking on the “Friends” tab at the top of their profile. Once they accept your request, they will appear on your list of followers along with their names and pictures. You can then go back and follow more people or unfollow others that you no longer want to see or interact with. You can also go back and re-follow users if you so desire!

4. Like Photos & Videos

To like a post is to follow others! This is a great way to start conversations with other users who have similar interests as you and can potentially lead to more meaningful relationships. Follow at least one person who shares interests with you and then start interacting with them. For example, if you’re a fashion person, follow a few of the guys who are into fashion. If you’re into sports, follow those who are into sports. Similarly, if you’re into music, following some of the girls that are into music will increase your chances of meeting someone special in that area as well.


If you want to find love on Instagram, you’ll first want to find the right girl to talk to. Once you’ve found the perfect girl to converse with, you’ll want to start the conversation by sending her a casual yet flirty message. While the message should be short and sweet, it should also hint at your desire to take your relationship off the app and onto real life. If you follow these tips, you’ll have a higher chance of finding love on Instagram and finally moving on from your breakup. So, what are you waiting for? Log on to your Instagram account and start sending messages to the lovely ladies you come across today!

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