How To Stop Your Cat From Eating The Fake Christmas Tree

How To Stop Your Cat From Eating The Fake Christmas Tree

Let’s face it, cats are weird. They have their own little world with rules that we don’t always understand. Even though they coexist with us often and know the same people they can still react in a very peculiar way. So, who can really blame them for eating up your fake Christmas tree? It’s made of delicious pine needles… It’s not like your cat is going to eat all the decorations and leave you with nothing but a sad-looking tree stand, right? Unless you have another weirdo cat. Anyway, here are some great tips on how to stop your cat from eating the fake Christmas tree!

How To Stop Your Cat From Eating The Fake Christmas Tree?

Fresh cat nip

This is one of the best ways to stop your cat from eating the Christmas tree. Cats are naturally attracted to catnip and can be particularly interested in it around this time of year. Make sure you keep a healthy supply of fresh cat nip in the house to stop your kitty from devouring your Christmas tree. It’s a simple solution that can work wonders. If your cat doesn’t like catnip, there are other ways you can try to keep him away from your tree. Some people have found success with playing loud Christmas music, while others have used scented sprays.

Keep your tree out of reach

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s worth making sure your tree is out of reach of even the most determined cat. If your furry friend’s taste for fir is just too strong, he may be able to jump high enough to get to the tree. Once your tree is inside, you should also be careful about leaving it unattended. Cats have been known to scale curtains and walls in an attempt to get to their favorite snack. If you have a wall-mounted Christmas tree, make sure that it’s properly secured. Otherwise, it could fall and seriously injure your cat – or even a child.

Add some flavor

If your cat is really getting in the mood for Christmas, you can add a dash of flavor to your tree to try and put him off. Sprinkling your tree with orange, lemon, or cinnamon will make it less appealing to your furry friend. For best results, try to get as fresh fruit as you can find. You can also try adding some chili powder to your tree. This is a natural way to keep your cat away from your Christmas tree, but it might also be harmful if ingested by your pet.

Spray with Bitter Apple

This is one of the most effective methods for keeping your cats from eating the Christmas tree. Bitter Apple is a natural repellent that you can use to stop your cat from chewing on anything. It can be used to keep your cats away from furniture, wires, and even the Christmas tree. Bitter Apple can be used on just about anything and is safe to use around your pets, children, and even plants. However, it will stain fabrics, so it’s best to keep it away from fabrics, wires, and other materials that are difficult to clean. Make sure you dilute it before applying it to your Christmas tree. Bitter Apple will work best if you spray it directly onto the tree. It’s best to spray the tree at least twice a day.

Don’t forget the litter box

If you have multiple cats in the house, they may start to compete for your attention during the Christmas season. This can lead to increased fighting between your cats, and even your dog. If your cats are fighting over you, they are also more likely to try and eat the Christmas tree. This is a sign that they are stressed and need more attention. To stop this, make sure your cats have a litter box. This will give your cats a place to go to the bathroom, which they will see as a safe space. This will help to reduce aggression between your cats and make them feel more relaxed. Having a litter box during the holidays will also protect your tree. Cats can be drawn to eat the tree for the same reason they eat grass – it helps them digest their food. Having a litter box will help to reduce this behavior and keep your tree safe from your curious kitties.

Why Do Cats Eat The Fake Christmas Tree?

It’s safer for cats

Many people choose to go the fake tree route instead of a real one because it’s much safer for cats. Cats sometimes like to eat plants, and this can lead to some serious health issues. If you have a cat who likes to munch on plants, a live tree is definitely something you want to avoid. But an artificial tree is completely safe for kitties. It’s also much easier to clean up if your cat does manage to knock any needles onto the floor. There are also many brands of fake trees that smell like real trees. Your cat might not even notice a difference!

A great place to hide

If your cat is anything like ours then they love to find places to hide. Whether it be under the couch, in the washing basket, or behind the Christmas tree, they are always looking for the next great place to go. One of the best reasons why cats eat the fake Christmas tree is because it offers a great hiding place. Cats love climbing up the fake tree trunks and finding a spot on the branches to snooze. If your kitty likes to nap on the tree, there’s no need to worry about it toppling over. Unlike a real tree, an artificial tree can’t be knocked over by curious paws. This also means no retro Christmas decorations smashing to the floor!

They love the smell

Another reason why cats eat the fake Christmas tree is that they love the smell! Cats are naturally very curious creatures and are attracted to a wide variety of scents. While they do enjoy the smell of pine, some cats prefer the scent of citrus. For the cats who prefer the smell of citrus, there are plenty of fake trees that smell just like oranges. There are also plenty of other scents to choose from – cinnamon, vanilla, and peppermint are all great options. If your kitty likes to sit close to the tree you might be able to smell the difference. As well as helping keep things festive, the smell of the tree can also be beneficial. Some cats suffer from anxiety, especially during the holidays. A scented tree can be a great way to keep them feeling calm and relaxed.

Fake trees come with treats!

If your cat is already eating the fake Christmas tree then you’ve probably noticed the tree is full of treats! Since there are no calories in fake Christmas trees, they are the perfect place to stash some treats. Your kitty will enjoy the tasty snacks while you enjoy the festive decoration. A great thing about Christmas trees is that you can stash treats at the bottom, middle, and top. This is perfect for kitties who like to snack throughout the day. If you want to give your cat something extra special, there are plenty of brands that offer edible Christmas trees. These treats come in all different flavors and are great for keeping your kitty occupied during the holiday season.

Cats know what’s up

Another reason why cats eat the fake Christmas tree is that they know what’s up. Cats are very intelligent animals who often act very independently. While your kitty might not be able to unwrap presents or hang stockings, they can definitely still be a part of the magic. If you have a climbing cat, they might enjoy scaling the tree and resting on the branches. Some cats might love to play with the ornaments or try to knock the tree over. Your kitty may also be drawn to the lights. If so, you’ll definitely want to keep them unplugged to avoid any potential electrical hazards. If your cat likes to sit near the tree.


Cats can be a little weird sometimes. They like to do things that we don’t always understand. They also like to eat things that we don’t always understand. Fortunately, you can use these easy tips to prevent your cat from eating the fake Christmas tree. If you aren’t able to keep your cat from eating the fake Christmas tree, be sure to keep the decorations away from their reach. You don’t want to risk your cat ingesting a harmful amount of synthetic materials.