Why Does My Dog Rub His Face On Me

Why Does My Dog Rub His Face On Me

‍Dog lovers know that the furry friends we share our homes with can be hard to understand at times. They say the word dog comes from “doggy” which is another way of saying “hidden friend” because dogs are so secretive about their feelings and intentions. We may never know why exactly our dog does what he does, but there are some things we can observe and learn from. Dogs communicate through body language, noises, and smells – both intentionally and unintentionally. When you notice these things about your dog, it can help build a stronger relationship with him. Read on to find out why your dog rubs his face on you.

Why Does My Dog Rub His Face On Me?

‍It is a natural reflex of dogs to rub their faces on people or other dogs. The act of rubbing the face is an expression of affection between humans, and also another way for dogs to communicate with one another.

Why Does My Dog Smell Me After He Rubs His Face On Me?

  1. A dog’s scent glands are located all over their bodies. When your dog rubs his face on you, he is marking you as his.
  2. Your dog may smell you to help him find his way home after a long walk or other outdoor activity. He may smell your scent as a way of finding you again.
  3. A dog’s scent glands can be stimulated by rubbing against another animal’s body. This can happen when two dogs are fighting or when they have been separated from each other for a while and they want to find each other again.
  4. Dogs that have recently been neutered or spayed may not have enough testosterone in their bodies to stimulate the scent glands on their own bodies, so they will rub their faces on yours or another animal’s body in order to get the signals from the scent glands that tell them that they are still male dogs!
  5. Your dog may be marking you to let you know that he is in heat and ready to find a mate!
  6. Dogs that have been around other dogs for a long time may rub their faces on each other out of habit. This is especially true when the dogs are playing together, but it can also happen when they are just hanging out together.
  7. If your dog has a medical condition such as allergies or fleas, he may rub his face on you to help him get rid of the problem even if he doesn’t have any symptoms!
  8. If your dog is feeling calm and relaxed, he may rub his face on you to help him feel that way!

Why Does My Dog Smack His Mouth After He Rubs His Face On Me?

  • Your dog may be trying to say something.
  • It could just be a habit.
  • It’s a way of showing affection.
  • He could be feeling stressed or anxious and is trying to soothe himself by deliberately smacking his mouth on you or your clothing.
  • He could have a dental problem and is hitting his teeth with his tongue to try to get them to stop hurting him because of the pain he is feeling from the discomfort in his mouth from the toothache he’s having, or from other issues such as gingivitis or periodontal disease that are causing him discomfort in his mouth and gums
  • He could be doing this because he feels very comfortable with you, that you are willing for him to do it, and that it’s okay for him to do it with you as long as he doesn’t get caught doing it by another person.
  • He could be doing this because he’s just being a dog! Dogs can be very playful, sometimes to the point where they seem to be acting a bit crazy or like they have no idea why they are doing something. You can try to help your dog understand what you mean when you tell him that this is not okay for him to do, by using things such as the word “no” or putting your hand on his mouth so that he understands that this is not okay for him to do.
  • Depending on the situation, other dogs may do it too and your dog may have picked up on this from watching other dogs and from seeing them do so with his own kind of pack/group of people (you). Dogs are very social animals, and often will pick up on things like this from other dogs in the social groups that they observe while playing together or while they are just hanging out together in their day-to-day lives.
  • Your dog could be doing this because he’s just being a dog! Dogs are very playful and sometimes they will do things that they don’t fully understand the reasons behind them. This can be especially true if your dog is young or has not been around very many other dogs, or if he has not lived with you for a long time, as this could make it hard for him to learn what is acceptable and what isn’t acceptable behavior from you and other people in his life.
  • Your dog may have picked up on something you said or did in the past, which made him feel the need to show you that he likes you.


When your dog rubs his face on you, he is marking you as his own. He smells his own scent on you and then smells himself again to confirm the connection. This is usually a sign of affection, but could also be a way to calm himself. If your dog is anxious or stressed, he may want to connect with you so badly that he will mark you with his scent to calm himself down. Dogs are also very curious creatures and your smell could just as likely intrigue them as it could calm them. If your dog rubs his face on you and then smells or licks you, he may be trying to figure you out. This is a great way for you and your dog to grow closer together.

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