How To Track A FedEx Packages Without A Tracking Number

How To Track A FedEx Packages Without A Tracking Number

Are you tired of tracking your shipping with only the hope that it will be delivered? Are you sick of asking friends, neighbors, and family members if they’ve seen a package that was shipped to you? These are common struggles when trying to track a FedEx package. The good news is there are ways to track your packages more effectively and efficiently than relying on other people for this information. In this article, we’ll go over how to track a FedEx package without a tracking number, as well as tips on how to find the tracking information.

How To Track A FedEx Packages Without A Tracking Number

1. Check the shipping information

If you’re tracking a FedEx package, it’s likely that it will be shipped from a FedEx location. This means that you can find the address of the location that shipped your package and check there for more information. If you’re not sure where it was shipped from, call the customer service line at FedEx and ask them to look up your shipment.

2. Check with friends, family, or neighbors

If your package is being shipped to a friend or neighbor, they may have picked up your package by mistake. Checking with neighbors is also a good way to find out if they saw anyone who looked like they were trying to steal packages in the area. If someone has your package, they are required by law to give it back to you if asked nicely (though this may not always work). If someone has already taken your package and you don’t know where it is, call the police and file a theft report.

3. Check with the shipping company

If you’re tracking a FedEx package, then it’s likely that the package was shipped from a FedEx location, but not necessarily from one of their main offices. If this is the case, check with the local office and see if they can help you track your package. If you’re tracking a UPS or USPS shipment, call their customer service line to see if they can help track your package for you.

4. Check with your local post office or UPS store

If the tracking information for your package is showing that it was shipped from somewhere other than a FedEx location, then it was likely sent through either USPS or UPS rather than being shipped directly by FedEx. This means that you should check with either your local post office or UPS store to find out more information about where your package has been held up in shipping and when it will be delivered to its final destination.

Where Is My Package?

1. Check with the shipping company

This is the first step you should take. The most important thing to do when trying to track a FedEx package is to check with the shipping company. Many times, the information that you need can be found on their website. In fact, they may have a tracking system within their website that will allow you to track your package without a tracking number. You can also call or email them directly for more information and assistance.

2. Check with your local post office

If you haven’t had any luck on the shipping company’s website or by calling them directly, then it’s time to check with your local post office and see if they have any information for you. Sometimes packages are misdirected by a shipping company, so it’s always good practice to double-check with another source before giving up hope of finding your package. If they don’t have any information for you either, then it might be time to file a claim.

3. File a claim with the shipping company

If you’ve tried calling the shipping company and checking with your local post office, and still haven’t been able to track your package, then it’s time to file a claim. This is essential if you are planning on filing a potential lawsuit against them for lost packages or damaged items. They will require that you complete this process before they will be willing to work with you any further.

Track A FedEx Package By Date And Time Shipped

  1. Log into your FedEx account.
  2. Click “Track Package” on the left side of the screen under “Tracking”.
  3. Enter the tracking number for your package and click “Track” to search for your package.
  4. You can view the shipping date and time, as well as a detailed description of where your package is heading and how much time it will take to make its delivery.
  5. When you click “Track” again, this time you will see a map showing exactly where your package is right now along with its estimated arrival date and time at its destination location.
  6. Click “Track” one more time to see how much time it will take your package to arrive once it has gone through customs and is in the hands of the delivery person.

Track A Package Via The Shipper’s Website

1. Log on to the shipper’s website

The first step to tracking a FedEx package is to log on to their website. This will give you access to the tracking information from your computer or mobile device. The shipper must have an online system available for you to use, and in most cases this is free. You can log on using your email address or a username that was provided with your package.

2. Find the package information

Once you are logged on, the next step is finding the tracking information for your particular package. If you have multiple packages that were shipped at the same time, it’s important to be able to distinguish between them so you can follow each one individually. The tracking information will be under a separate tab or menu item called “tracking” or “order details” depending on which shipping company you used and what kind of account you signed up for. This page should have all of the shipping details available including the tracking number, the shipping date, and the status of the package.

3. View tracking details

Once you’ve found your package on the shipper’s website, you should be able to see its current location on a map. This can give you a good idea of where it is and how far it has to go before it gets to your location. The most accurate way of tracking your package is with GPS technology which will provide an exact location for the package at any given time. However, this may not be available for every shipment and there are other ways to track a FedEx package without a tracking number.

Is There An App That Can Help Me Track My Package?

1. Track a Package Using the FedEx App

One of the most popular ways to track a FedEx package is to use their mobile app. The app is available on Android and iOS devices, as well as on desktops. The tracking information can be quickly and easily accessed through the app when you are in an area with cellular or wireless internet. Many people prefer this method because it allows them to access their tracking information directly from their phone, without having to look at a computer screen.

2. Track a Package Using the FedEx Website

Alternatively, you can check your tracking information online by visiting the FedEx website. This can be done on desktop or laptop computers as well as mobile devices that have internet access. This method requires that you know your package’s tracking number in order to get this information. In addition, if you are using this method within your home WiFi network, there may be some loading time issues that make it difficult for you to view this information immediately when needed. For this reason, many people choose to use the app instead of the website for tracking their packages.

3. Track A Package Using A Tracking Number

If you don’t have the tracking number for a package that is being shipped to you, then it can be difficult to track it properly. However, there are ways to get this information if you have the shipment number. Many people use a phone or tablet to search for their tracking information by entering their tracking number into the FedEx website. This method is sometimes more effective than using a desktop or laptop computer because these devices often have faster internet speeds and better processing power than desktops and laptops.


There are several ways to track a FedEx package. The most effective way is to use the tracking number. However, if you don’t have the tracking number, you can still track the package by the date and time shipped, as well as on the shipper’s website. In addition to tracking your packages, you can also use these methods to track friends’ and family members deliveries. This will allow you to know when the delivery will happen, as well as where the package currently is.

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